Too Much to Think About…

I’ve got a lot floating around right now, so I’ll just make this a brief recap.

Got in 80 miles for the month of February. I ran in bitter cold, and last week it was warm enough for shorts and an insulated top.  One day, Nate and I even ran in shirtsleeves.  It was great.  I’m eagerly anticipating the weather a few weeks from now when the insulation gets less. The goal for March is at least 85 miles, I need to pick up some miles and start training for the 12-mile Dam to Dam run in June.

I’m through the book of Isaiah. I learned that God is pursuing us like crazy, and that He’ll do whatever it takes to get our attention.  Sadly, some will ignore Him.  For those people, an eternity of separation awaits, this is simply an extension of the separation that they desired from Him on earth.  But that eternity of separation will be unlike their separation here, this earth, with all of its ills and evils, still has a veneer of godliness to it, as creation still praises God.  There is a goodness that man can possess, but it is a goodness constrained by a fallen-ness.  In short, this earth is is close to heaven as some will ever get, and for others, it’s as close to hell as they will ever see.  I’ve got just 4 more books to read in my current NIV Study Bible (I’ve had it since March 24, 2006) before it hits the retired rack, and I break out the Bible that Bill got me last year, an ESV Study Bible.  Leviticus, Esther, Song of Songs and Daniel…the goal is by the end of April…57 chapters in 61 days.

CIY: Believe was this past weekend with 12 of our middle school students. In short, it was a wonderful weekend.  Everything CIY did was geared toward us building relationships with our students.  Our kids said and did some amazing things in response and God was glorified.  I’ll post a deeper recap over at our student ministry blog over the next few days.

Simply Youth Ministry Conference is right around the corner, just 3 days away in Chicago. I’m leading the “Smaller Churches” connection group and participating in a few peer panels.  Looking forward to learning a ton and hanging out with some great people, one of our Elders (also on our ministry team) is going, and I’m excited to spend the time with him.

In the midst of my Research Methodology class, it’s a short class, just 4 weeks.   Here is what I submitted last week as the problem statement (thing to be researched) for my capstone project, which is less than a year away:

A Study of the Impact of Postmodernism on Ministerial Effectiveness to Families at Eastview Christian Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Of the students participating in the student ministry and children’s ministry programming at Eastview Christian Church, many are from blended and single-parent families that the church has not been able to reach and/or minister to. This Capstone Project will seek to understand why the church has been able to reach/minister to children and students but not to parents and families.  Because many of these children and students are from blended families, the study will include issues of un- and under-employment and a variety of socio-economic indicators.  From a theological standpoint, it will look at the impact of the postmodern worldview on those parents and families with a specific focus on Nietzsche’s concept of eternal return and the role that the hopelessness provided by that concept and worldview has in their seeming unwillingness to respond to the churches efforts.  These families must be reached in order to better disciple their children.

I’ve also recently signed up for my final intensive class, which takes care of my requirements for an elective/pre-req, so I am on schedule to receive my MA next Spring.  Hard to believe that I’m half-way through.  From May 23-27 I’ll be in Marion Indiana at the IWU campus for a class called “Narrative Preaching”-I’m excited about it.

I’ve got a ton to do over the next few days, but I will try to get a “real” blog post in before I head over to Chicago.




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