The Church, more thoughts

I’m in the midst of working on my MA from Indiana Wesleyan University.  My current class is called “Postmodern Trends” and deals with the cultural shift from the Enlightenment/Modernity to postmodernism/postchristianity.  The class is interesting, but more than that, it is frustrating.  Much of my frustration comes from the perspective that the church of 2011 is possibly so entrenched in the mindset of the previous worldview that changing it from within seems impossible.

Currently, our preaching minister is leading us through a 4-part message series called “Restoration Revolution.”  This is based on something from the North American Christian Convention, website is here.  This past week, the message was on the planting of churches.  In the small group that I lead on Monday nights, we’ve been following the Sunday messages with a deeper study and exploration time.  Last night after prayer, I simply asked our group, “If you were to start a church, what would you need?  What might it look like?”  Here is what we came up with (in the order of thoughts, not importance):

core group of believers

  • caring, giving, not cold,
  • give back in their “off” time (time away from Sunday)
  • still wanting to learn
  • desire to be the church

non-intimidating location

  • perhaps a home

stick to scripture

  • not to tradition or habits of existing organization

time in prayer

listen to the Holy Spirit

getting new members-growth

a leader that is a teacher

  • learns, then shares
  • explains
  • lives out the teaching
  • teaches at the correct level of those present
  • respects others
  • teller of truth
  • has wisdom

some level of accountability built on love

providing resources for people


plan for “next steps”

obedience to God


I’m curious…what would you add to this list?


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