2010-Laces out!

My mileage goal for 2010 was 1000 miles, I fell short, hitting 862.99 due to some injuries during the year.

Starting out Shoe: Nike Air Tri-D, around 100 miles on them

January 2010:  Ouch!

  • Runs: 13
  • Monthly Miles:  64.73
  • Memorable run/s: At the end of a 7+ miler on January 13, I had sharp pain on the inside of both of my kneecaps.  Had I known what I was in for, that would have been it, I would have taken time off. I got no miles in the following week, but it was not enough time off, I just tried to push through it.
  • Highest mileage week: Jan 11-17, 25 miles.
February 2010:
  • Runs: 14
  • Monthly Miles:  49.14
  • Total mileage: 113.8
  • Memorable run/s: Cut back on mileage in an attempt to push through knee pain.  Started physical therapy for my knee injury, ran in Indiana at IWU.
  • Highest mileage week: February 15-21: 16.4 miles
March 2010:
  • Runs: 10
  • Monthly Miles:  30.82
  • Total mileage: 144.69
  • Memorable run/s: Finally listened to physical therapist and took first 12 days of the month of to allow knees to recover.  Ran in Pennsylvania toward end of month.  Knees starting to feel better.
  • Highest mileage week: March 22-28: 13.9 miles
April 2010:  Watch out for that car!
  • Runs: 20
  • Monthly Miles:  81.65
  • Total mileage: 226.34
  • Memorable run/s: Knee pain in rapid decline, I picked up the mileage.  Temps were moving back north as winter ended.  April 7 was my first 5-miler since February 20, I felt like a “real” runner again.  Then, on April 20, I was hit by a car.  
  • Highest mileage week: April 19-25: 21 miles
May 2010:  First Road Race
  • Runs: 20
  • Monthly Miles:  95.92
  • Total mileage: 322.26
  • Memorable run/s: May 1st was my first ever 5k run, just under 24 minutes (my goal).  A few 5+ milers and a couple of 6+’ers for good measure.  Some residual knee pain, so I ran a few times in my old ASICS as a test, the pain went away. I replaced the Nikes (360 miles total) with a pair of ASICS GT-2150’s. 
  • Highest mileage week: May 3-9:24 miles.
June 2010:  Second race
  • Runs: 24
  • Monthly Miles:  104.34
  • Total mileage: 426.59
  • Memorable run/s: KILLED it in June.  A little psychotic actually, ran everyday from June 3-15, including Cedar Rapids’ “Run the Flood” 7-miler on June 12 (55:26-the goal was 56 minutes or less).  This was my first 7-miler since the knee injuries in January.  On June 4, my total distance was 8+, but I walked about 2 miles of that, middle of the day at 83 degrees and humidity is not the time to seek a distance PR.  Ran at camp the weeks I was there.
  • Highest mileage week: June 21-27: 25.2 miles.
July 2010:  Mexico!
  • Runs: 23
  • Monthly Miles:  86.06
  • Total mileage: 512.66
  • Memorable run/s: High mileage considering I was in Mexico for 2 weeks; I ran 7 times while I was there.  On July 1, I ran 5 miles with MFP, a friend of mine currently in SF training for the Army.  I enjoyed my runs in San Luis Potosi, at over 6,000 feet, dodging cars, buses and the intricacies of the road rules in Mexico, I loved them all.  Notice pain in arch in right foot and left heel.  
  • Highest mileage week: July 5-11: 18.8 miles.
August 2010:     Injury Returns
  • Runs: 16
  • Monthly Miles:  67.99
  • Total mileage: 580.64
  • Memorable run/s: Many of these miles are at the beginning of the month.  I don’t remember which run it was, but I was so hot that my peripheral vision faded and I saw stars toward the end of the run.  Foot pain gets worse, so I decide to take a break, treating it for plantar fasciitis.  As soon as that starts to feel better, my back gives me trouble (I had 2 back surgeries in 2009).  Unlike January, I take the week off.  
  • Highest mileage week: August 2-8: 25.6 miles.
September 2010:  Rebuild
  • Runs: 16
  • Monthly Miles:  60.7
  • Total mileage: 641.36
  • Memorable run/s: Recovering from back pain, I keep it below 4 miles for 2 weeks, and don’t get a 5+ in for 4 weeks.  On September 10, I wrote “Left Ankle” in my running journal.  
  • Highest mileage week: September 20-26: 15.3 miles.
October 2010:  Oldest son Nathan joins me!
  • Runs: 20
  • Monthly Miles:  82.02
  • Total mileage: 723.37
  • Memorable run/s: I ran twice while at the SYMC ITT planning retreat in Loveland, Colorado, the altitude, just lower than where I was in Mexico, was a killer.  I did another 5k on October 10, 22:36, the goal was less than 23.  
  • Highest mileage week: October 4-11: 20 miles.
November 2010:
  • Runs: 17
  • Monthly Miles:  67.20
  • Total mileage: 790.58
  • Memorable run/s: Marion Turkey Trot 8k on November 13 (5 miles in 37:58, goal was less than 38 minutes), ran twice in New York state over Thanksgiving break.  Got in a “two-a-day” on November 23, which was awesome.  Replace the ASICS GT-2150 with a new pair of the same as my right arch pain started to return.  Replacement mileage was 451 miles.  
  • Highest mileage week: Tie, November 1-7 and 22-28: 20 miles.
December 2010:
  • Runs: 14
  • Monthly Miles:  72.40
  • Total mileage: 862.99
  • Memorable run/s: On December 13, the windchill was -18.  I ran in Larchwood, Iowa a few times over Christmas break, and actually skipped a run due it it being too cold and windy.  
  • Highest mileage week: December 13-19: 18.1 miles.  
Lessons learned from 2010:
Pay attention to mileage on shoes.   
Listen to your body.  Sacrificing mileage now means more mileage later.  
Take it easy.  Life’s a marathon.  
Know your limitations.  And then, push yourself past them.  
Running with a partner is fun.  Nate joined my in October and I’m so glad that he did.  
Goals for 2011:
Remain injury-free
Half-Marathon in Spring
Dam-to-Dam run in July (20k/12 miles)
Marathon in Fall
950 miles

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