An update

It’s been a few weeks.  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

I went to New York over Thanksgiving break and spent the weekend with some, friends from Toccoa Falls College.  We chilled out, went to West Point, took a train to the city, saw Grand Central, Central Park, 30 Rock, all kinds of things.  It was great. 

I finished my “Building an Intergenerational Ministry” class, and right away, “Contemporary Theological Issues” started.  We are studying postmodernism as it relates to theology and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  On the whole, it is an interesting class, and the research on various people and places is thought-provoking.  It is also very frustrating, as I deal with the fruit of unorthodoxy each week in our ministry.  I have a minimum 2-week break starting next Friday, and am really looking forward to it.  

Speaking of ministry, we have one more high school youth group meeting left for the year, and our middle school group is done until January.  Then, our MS group will take a look at the “basics” of Christianity (how modern of me) and our HS group will be looking at “The Gospel According to the Office, ” which will prove to be an interesting study. 

SYMC 2011 is in March.  One of my elders/youth leaders is definitely in with me, and I’m looking forward to spending time with him.  I’ll also be leading a Connecting Group during the conference on Smaller Church Youth Ministry.  I’m excited about the opportunity.

I’m in maintenance mode when it comes to running, just taking it easy.  I could kill it, and come in at 900 miles for the year, but I feel like there’d be an injury around the corner, if history is any indication.  Nate has been running with me, learning the joys of 5 degree runs.  So right now, I’m playing it cool, and hoping to begin training for a half-marathon in February or March.  Wanting to do the Illinois thing again. 

What I’m not telling you about are details of a ministry issue that has popped up in the last week.  No, I’m not leaving, nor is that a possibility.  It’s just ministry, dealing with people.  In 2 Corinthians 11:28, Paul writes about how he faces daily the pressures of his concern for the churches.  That stress became crystal clear to me in the past week as we have ministered to a family in our youth ministry.  This is the toughest issue that I’ve dealt with in 5 years, and would appreciate your thoughts and prayers, as I know the family would. 

Well, Stanley Grenz’s Beyond Foundationalism is calling my name, as I am a few days behind on my reading.  I’ll post some thoughts on THAT during the next week.


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