"The new Runner’s World’s here, the new Runner’s World’s here…"

That about sums up how I feel when I come home from work and find that the new Runner’s World magazine has arrived.  With that in mind, here are some thoughts about the October 2010 issue that will have an impact on the way I train and run:

The North Face ad on page 21 sent me to their website.  They have some pretty sweet stuff.  Thankfully, Dick’s Sporting Goods is a retailer.  More on that in a sec.

The Personal Best section always begins with 5-10 tips, this month it’s called “The Warmup: Pacing”.  One of the things I’ve been missing in my runs is that I don’t really have a purpose when I head out beyond mileage.  The first pointer sent me to the Runner’s World Training Calculator.    Follow the instruction to see how you should be pacing.  I can tell you that I do not follow this.  At all.  The second helpful piece is that a person should run at 180 steps/minute.  This morning, I calculated my steps (twice) at 168/minute.  Something to work on. 

The Long Way, page 35.  I am a “progression runner”.  I start out slow and increase my pace.  This morning, my splits were: 8:10, 8:06, 7:47, 7:32, 7:12.  I am NOT properly incorporating a long run (50% farther than my usual maintenance run). 

The Better Blend, page 47 article was good.  I made my first smoothie yesterday.  Frozen strawberries, milk, peanut butter, half a banana, honey and ice.  It was good.  Next time, no ice…

The Body Shop, page 60.  Injury prevention stuff.  I need to work on this, as every few months I need to take some time off.

Into the Wild, pages 101-124.  Makes me want to hit the Thomas Park frisbee golf course over the next few weeks.  Obviously, daylight is best, and now that it’s cooler I can see this happening over the next few weeks.  Also, Nate (our 16 year-old) and I are going to run the Living History Farms Off-Road Race in Urbandale in November.  It’s a 7-miler. 

With Nate starting to run with me to train for the Urbandale, I’m going to place some intentionality into my training.  Specifically, going to work on pacing and the long-run incorporation.  Some speedwork as well.  It’s going to be a fun, and hopefully injury-free, few months.

Back to Dick’s Sporting Goods.  They have a rewards program when you earn points which are then converted to credit at the store.  Our MasterCard is linked to that account, so every dollar we put on that card, gas, our cellphone bill, Nathan’s orthodontist, groceries…EVERYTHING earns us points.  Now, we pay it every month, because credit cards suck.  This year, we’ve earned $630 in FREE money there.  Earlier this week, we walked out of there with $160 in merchandise, new running shoes for Nate, a jacket for Katie, a gun case…free.  When I got my new Asics in May, they were free.  All of my Nike insulated gear for winter…free.  They should pay me for advertising…

Coming next week, a review of the new Group magazine, and how it’s influencing our student ministry.


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