The Myth of Balance

“Balance” is a very American concept. 

Balance between work and play…between work and family…between service and being served…between church and life.

What a bogus concept.  This morning, I’m working through my morning devotional which is focused today on Micah 7:18-19.  In the midst of the “lesson”, it says this, “The Bible is largely a book about finding balance between work and play, God and other people, faith and deeds–and between God’s hatred for sin and his desire to completely forgive the sinner.”

What a load of crap.  God states that we are to love Him with ALL our heart, ALL our mind, ALL our soul, ALL our spirit.  EVERYTHING that we are is to be solely, specifically in Love with God and God alone. 

The American Gospel is a false one.  The only “balance” in God’s Kingdom comes from His perfection (“the hatred for sin and his desire to completely forgive the sinner”).

It is precisely because of the idolatry of balance within the “church” that we do not minister in the way we are called. 

People will not sacrifice time because they need to have the proper ratio between work and life.

People will not sacrifice money because they need to balance their so-called giving with their new car and house payment…and their 401(k) so they can retire comfortably.

The American Church needs to wake the #$%^ up to the realization that we are idolaters and adulteresses. 


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