Responding to critics

Back when I was in Mexico, we blogged about the trip over here.  I also did some personal blogging about my own thoughts on this blog.  In response to this post, someone made a comment back.  While I moderate my comments (to keep the viagra ads out), I am willing to post anything that people say.  Unless, an anonymous post is made.  As promised, here is the posting made by the anonymous person.

“Why did they go to the old Hacienda de Gogorron?
Could it be because, it is a VERY popular place and has always been known for its thermal ( read hot enough to feather a chicken) waters.
That your church hadn’t heard about it, blows my mind.

The movie”Zorro” with Katherine Zeta Jones and Antonio Banderas was filmed there.

I am familiar with SLP and Gogorron, so I know what I am speaking about.

I wonder too, what kind of gospel is been preached there. I would suggest, that, instead of going to other countries to try to change the people’s beliefs and their way of thinking, that, you should stay in the USA, and try to evangelize your own people who are the most immoral in the planet. You should preach your religion where the need is the most, not where it is easier and enjoyable.”

Here are some of my thoughts about this person’s post:

The people that we went and visited outside of Gorgorron were not there (as far as I know) to enjoy the hot springs.  They were there because that is where they live.  The specific home that we visited was made of mud, and had an outdoor toilet.  Their kitchen was in a dual-purpose room.  I’m in no way criticizing the lifestyle, it’s simply how they live.  When I talked in my blog about Gorgorron “being discovered”, I meant the Pavon Church learning about the ministry opportunity there.  I do not go to Mexico to “try to change people’s beliefs and their way of thinking”.  We went to Mexico to help the Pavon Church with their multi-site Vacation Bible School program, of which Gorgorron was 1 of 4 sites.  This trip is a part of our ministry structure here in the US.  Following Jesus’ command to His disciples, we take the gospel local (to our city), and then to the “ends of the earth”, which includes Mexico and Tanzania (where we also sent a group this Summer).  I re-read my post to try to understand where you got the idea that the gospel being preached in Gorgorron is “easier and more enjoyable” and couldn’t anything like that. 

So, anonymous person…there is a response.  I’m curious…do you have the courage to defend your beliefs and statements in a non-anonymous manner?  If so…respond, and I will gladly continue the conversation with you.


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