More than 10 days later.

High school week was a blast last week.  We had 72 students and 18 adults at NEICSC.  We went out into the communities around Bristow and did various service projects, did some work around the camp, had 4 book clubs going, an awesome worship leader and heard God’s Word spoken.  It was a wonderful week with our students.  It also closed out a busy summer of consistent time with our students before our Fall programming starts up in a few weeks.  Between then and now I’ll be occupying my time with the administrative preparations needed: Fall Kick-Off prep, lesson planning, our annual ministry team retreat.

Here’s an update:

In the midst of my Biblical Interpretation class.  The material is interesting, as is the the work.  But, it’s a little flat.  Next up is “Building a Multi-Generational Church”.

Got my 80+ miles in for July, quite a feat considering I was on a hyper-busy ministry schedule of being away from home for 3 full weeks.  I’m currently in the denial phase of a possible Achilles Tendinitis on my left heel.

On “Opting Out of Youth Ministry”:
A few days ago, Sarah Mae posted a blog entitled “Why Our Family is Opting Out of Youth Ministry“.  It was a pretty thought-provoking post, and has caused quite a buzz among youth ministers, there are a ton or responses, both on her blog comment section and on the personal blogs of youth ministers.  You should check out her thoughts.

Some Writing:
Still waiting on feedback from the article I wrote last month.  Beyond that, a friend of mine was asking for some ideas about small church ministry on a book she is in the process of writing, and I need to get a full article to her.  I’m excited by this.

This week, both House of Heroes and The Arcade Fire had new releases out.  The HOH album is called “Suburba” and AF is “The Suburbs”.  Perhaps I’ll post some thoughts on both albums.

Other things:
We’re taking Katie to Lincoln next weekend for her Freshman year.  Time flies.  After that, we’re heading to Anne’s parents house for a few days for some family time.  September brings our church retreat, and then in October, I’ll be heading to the Inside Track Team Summit at Group Magazine’s headquarters in Colorado for a few days.


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