10 days-ish later

My last post was July 14, and from Mexico.  Here are a few of the things going on:

I got back from Mexico.  
We arrived in the States on Monday afternoon, and had a pretty good debrief.  We talked about some of our real struggles and expectations about being home, as well as some things that we needed to work on regarding our personal and group discipleship.  If I said this in a post from Mexico, it bears saying again.  We’ll be upping the ante a bit in our student ministry when it comes to discipleship; if the students who claim the cross of Christ are not looking for accountability in their walks with God, they should find a different youth group to be a part of in September.  
I’ve also been feeling under the weather since returning.  I was sick for a few days, and now it is manifesting itself in simple tiredness.  I just want to sleep.  Which is unfortunate, as high school camp starts tomorrow.

I’ve come to the realization that I am a great christian, but a lousy disciple.
To quote Bill Holley this morning, “I know way more than I practice.”  And I am way burned out on that.  We consistently talk about “doing” and rarely talk about “being”.  But, I’ve talked about discipleship here and here.  The Mexico trip and recent conversations have only widened the chasm between the two.  I will process this more deeply over the next few weeks on the blog, and will culminate all of this at the end of August in my sermon.

I’ve given up Facebook for 30 days.  Mostly. 
Online relationships are not real ones.  Over the past few days, I have seen that people are unable to communicate with one another face-to-face, but whose online skills are unmatched.  When my first instinct of the morning is not to pick up God’s Word, or to pray, but to find out what song lyrics my “friends” have posted, there is something very, very wrong.
I say “mostly” because I’ll be using Eastview’s Facebook page to update on the going’s on at camp, and have some picture stuff to do from the Mexico trip. 

I’m still in School.
My Biblical Interpretation class started just before Mexico, and there is much to do for that. Fortunately, it’s stuff I like.  Also, it gets me more into the Word.  

I love Running.
Basically, I’ve decided that if I got 80 miles in for July, I would be satisfied with that.  As of right now, I’m at 65.  I got in some mileage while in Mexico, which also pleases me.  After a 100+ June, I’m viewing July as recovery.  For the year, I’m at 491 miles, which means I will have to suck it up and really push myself if I want to hit 1,000 miles for 2010. 

I saw some family.
My brother and his family was up from Tennessee over the past few days.  It was cool to see them, to eat with them, and play some Rock Band with the family. 

I’m getting ready for high school camp next week.
Tomorrow, I’m off to NEICSC for the week.  Co-deaning with Hannah, giving 3 messages, and hanging out with students.  What excites me most is it’s another week of just ministry. 

I wrote an unsolicited article.
I’m having a friend proof it and give me some thoughts.

I’m getting ready to send my oldest to college.
I have a lot to do before Fall programming starts.
My ministry team’s annual retreat will be here before I know it.


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