SLP-It’s Tuesday

Yesterday’s Meal Lineup:

  • Pancakes
  • Hamburgers
  • Quesedillsas with potatoes

Started the Pavon VBS yesterday.  We had 203, including the group and adults…kids kept coming through the first hour, we’ll probably be at 350 this morning.  In the afternoon, we split the big group, about half went to do VBS at Rancho Nuevo and then La Mision, while the other half went downtown to the market.  The Eastview group was in the latter half.  This week, I’ll be both driving downtown and leading groups through the market.  Last night while entering the parking garage, I rubbed up against another vehicle, putting a nice scratch on it.  The damage was small, and we’re going to take care of it, but at least I didn’t go to jail!

After all of those shenanigans, we did get some market time in.  I bought a djimbe:

I also got my favorite snack…an espresso and a churro:

Driving out of the market was much less eventful and we returned to the house by 8:45pm.  Devotions last night was at 9:30, sang some songs and were in bad by 11:15.  Up this morning before 6 and went out for 3 miles with Nate Pugh.

Questions and thoughts from yesterday:

Last night, Nate P challenged our groups to love the younger kids in our churches the way they love the younger kids here in Mexico.  Definitely something I need to work on, as well as our high school students with the younger kids.  We talked about the key piece being accountability.  We can sit around and wax philosophical all we want about what we need to do, but until there is accountability, we will never change.

The church at large does this as well.  We talk and sing about making Jesus king and sacrificing our “all and all”, but do we do that?  What do those things even mean, practically speaking?  For our youth ministry it means this:

  • We are done with a lack of accountability among our students.  When we see those who claim to follow Christ acting in an un-loving manner, they are  going to be called on it.  We’re going to be asking kids to be in the Word and spend time in prayer through the week, and we”ll be asking about it on youth group nights.  If they’d like a youth group without accountability, there are dozens of other churches in Cedar Rapids they are welcome to attend.
  • For our leaders too, there will be an increase in accountability.  If we are not actively pursuing Christ in our lives, spending time in spiritual disciplines and fellowship, how can we expect that of our students?  We cannot.  
  • Several times this week, Nate P has talked about the joy and benefits of even a cup of cold water to the least of these.  He has said, “we offer so much more than water, we offer Christ.”  We need to stop playing games with Christ and who we are to be and what we are to do.  

We need to get serious about our calling.  Who’s in?


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