SLP-Day 3

     Yesterday was a great day here in SLP.  Breakfast was French Toast and little smokey sausages.  We went to the Pavon Church to hand out invitations to next week’s VBS there.  We split into groups and spent over an hour and a half walking around neighborhoods and apartment buildings speaking Spanish handing out slips of paper.  One of our groups was escorted around a few plazas by gang members, when our group went to walk down another street, they were told by their escorts that they (the escorts) could not not go…that they would get beat up as it was not their territory.  We returned to Brigido’s for lunch, nachos with cheese, meat, beans and onions and tomatoes if you wanted them.  A quick walk to the casa de cambio for some pesos and we were ready for the rest of the afternoon.  Around 3pm, we boarded the bus for our trip to Gorgorron and VBS there.  Upon arriving, we saw this:

Those are dressed whole chickens, others were cooking on an open grill.  After VBS, we ate a feast of BBQ chicken, rice, mole and fresh tortillas.  Here is a picture of me, making a tortilla:

Here is the finished chicken situation:

     After a great VBS day, we ate our dinner there in Gorgorron.  For the second night, the people of Gorgorron gave of themselves to provide a meal for us.  Brigido shared with us that there is land for sale there, a plot twice the size of the Pavon piece; they would like to buy it and build a church building on it.  Jason, Nate Pugh and I will be talking about this with our group tonight (Sunday) about how they can help.  What God does!

     We returned to the casa about 8:45, and had devotions.  We bagged 200 bags of candy for Gorgorron and then went to bed. 

Questions and Thoughts:

Yesterday’s study was from 2 Thessalonians 3:6-15.  In the past, Ive always viewed this text as a warning on physical idleness, it’s how I’ve always heard it preached.  But after yesterday, I believe that it is a warning against spiritual idleness as well: “keep away from every brother who is idle and does not live according to the teaching you received from us.”  Even the part about earning the “bread they eat”….this could be spiritual food, Christ’s body,  it could be the spiritual rewards of a life of obedience.  The busybodies are the people whose lives are filled with Sunday school, LIFE groups, Sunday services….but without an obedience to the words of Christ, they are merely busy.  Our devo tied all this in to the workers and the harvest.  The workers are few, and the harvest is great.  And what do we do?  Nothing…because the harvest is the job of “someone else”.  Or, since no one is doing it, we will not either. 

What will I do for the harvest today?
What will you do for the harvest today?
Are we merely spiritually busy, with no real work?
Why would we expect to eat at the Lord’s Table when we are not “earning” it?  How can we?

I am concerned that we are so far off base that the most important things in life are passing us by.  And that most important thing is the harvest.  Not work.  Not our hobbies.  Not even our families. 

“Go, and make disciples.”  This is who we should be.


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