It’s Saturday in SLP

     We had a pretty full day yesterday.  We went to the Pavon Church for clean-up detail pulled weeds, washed chairs, swept the church, the normal routine.  Back to Brigido’s for lunch: chicken flautas and “cold” Mexican Coke.  Had a nice mid-afternoon cup of instant coffee and hung out a bit at the house and then boarded the bus for Gorgorron.  I slept most of the hour + trip, which was nice.  It rained most of the time there, the roof leaked, there was mud on the floor (which we covered with more dirt so there were no puddles), and even dogs inside the church building.  We had two different classes going in the same space, the place was filled with distraction, but Brigido simply preached God and forgiveness from Zaccheus, not allowing anything to bother him.  Rob and I talked a bit about how this is so different from our concept of church, not “good”, not “bad”, simply different.  The people at Gorgorron made us fresh tamales, which were cooking over an open fire all afternoon, so we had full stomachs at the end of the afternoon.  We left Gorgorron on a different, older bus, and I sat with Monna and talked about our trip thus far.

     We got back to the house and just had some fruit: papaya, melon, mango, pretty much a good time.  I worked on some journaling last night and then Nate Pugh led our devotion time about the importance of unity, followed by some song time.  Nate, Omar and I talked about a few ministry things, and then sleep time. 

     Up this morning by 7am, and out for a 4+ mile run.  Now, having a breakfast of French Toast and little smokey sausages with coffee. 

     As I post my “questions and thoughts” section, please know that I realize that there is a contextual difference between America and Mexico.  I get that.  But….I can’t help but think that when I compare how we “do” church and what happens here, or even in the biblical context of seeking and saving the lost, or going into all the nations…I think that we may be using our cultural expectations as a crutch to maintain the machine.  

Questions and thoughts:

How much of a “machine” is our ministry?
Are we so focused on this machine that ministry is set aside?
If we are to “seek and save”, why do we design our programming so that they come to us?
And…if they don’t come, what does that say about us? 
At what point is “what we do” become simply about us and our preference?
Are we so out of relationship with people that we don’t know how to seek?
Or, perhaps…do we know what we’ve been saved from? 
In essence…do we even have good news to share?


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