It’s been 2 weeks!

2 weeks since the last post.  What has happened in that time?

We’ve had 2 great middle school and high youth group nights.  We’ve talked about camp and gotten registration forms from 10 of our kids.  I know that we’ll have more forms coming in over the next few days.

I’ve had 2 meetings.  Our student ministry team met and had a lot to celebrate.  We had some great discussions and did some planning for next year.  This past weekend, all of Eastview’s ministry team leaders met, and after celebrating some victories, we started long-range planning for our church.  I left encouraged.

I heard Bill preach twice.  You can hop over here to listen to what he said.

I went to lunch with my wife at Panera.

I took my mom to the airport very early this past Saturday.

I’m mentally preparing to get my daughter to college in the Fall, and doing some work projects around the house with Nate, and spending some quality time with John on the X-Box.

I talked to Phil today for about 20 minutes.  I miss him.

I’ve run about 44 miles.  So far for May I’m at 52.  I think this could be a 90-mile month.

I got a new phone.  Sold the iPhone and got a Droid.  Thinking of posting some thoughts on that tomorrow.

What am I doing now?

Finishing up my Cross-Cultural Ministry class.  Just a few weeks left.  I need to go visit the Muslim Mosque here in CR this week for a service. 

Working on my final paper for Revivals and Revivalism in American Christianity.  It’s on the Restoration Movement and is fascinating. 

Prepping for the Mexico Mission trip.  Two months from today, and we’ll just have 3 days left in Mexico.  We have a meeting this Saturday.

Prepping for the graduation stuff at the end of the month.

Getting ready for camp season.

Drinking lots of coffee.

Reading 1 Chronicles.



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2 responses to “It’s been 2 weeks!

  1. i've been in the restoration movement all my life…%90 of it on the non-instrumental side. Interesting stuff. I hope you enjoy it.

  2. Sold a phone you didn't even pay for…classic!

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