One of "those" days

The week that was:

Last week was a killer week: two graduate courses (Cross-Cultural Ministry (online) and Revivals Revivalism in American Christianity (week-long intensive) at IWU).

Saturday: ran in my first ever 5k.  Results here.  Got home, hung out with the fam for a bit, helped John mow the yard.

Sunday: had the opportunity to worship God in community with about 100 other people.  Took it.  Napped in afternoon and had high school youth group last night.  We listened  to some Sam Philips from The Indescribable Wow and “Delicate” from Damien Rice’s O.  We talked about truth.


As noted, ran the 5k last Saturday.  I got in 81 miles for April, including 2 weeks of running 5 days.  Last week, I only got 17 in, including the race.  Knees are feeling pretty good, by my left calf is pretty sore from the race. 


I listened to a lot of Pandora while I was gone last week.  Favorite stations: David Crowder and Queensryche.  Also put the app on my droid, so I could listen to my own music.  It’s a great app to have. 


In addition to my stuff for school I finished Ezekiel last week, and filled yet another journal, this one went from May 2009 to April 30 2010.  I’m not really sure where I’m going next, so for a bit I’m going to read The One Year Men of the Bible: 365 Meditations on Men of Character (One Year Books)

What is coming up?

May is a busy, busy month.  Meetings every Saturday (youth ministry, ministry team leaders, Mexico mission trip), and then Katie graduates at the end of the month, so there will be all sorts of fun.  We have family coming to CR from all over, and it will be nice to spend the weekend with them all.  Just around the corner, in June, is our middle school camp week, and then July is Mexico and then senior high camp week. 

In addition to all of this, I’ve got a new little side project going on.  It’s called The Christian Index, a little place where I hope to have some fun with Christianity and youth ministry, but also make a point or two in the process.  I hope that you’ll check it out and leave a comment.  Of course, I’d love your ideas!


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