9 days later

The past week has been marked by busyness.

Grad School:

Non-Profit Management is done and done. Cross-Cultural Ministry has started, so that has been consuming my reading time. The posting schedule is a bit different for this course, so I’ve been making some adjustments for that. Books for the class:

The Next Christendom
Introducing World Missions
Intentional Diversity
Majority-Minority Relations

I’m excited for this class because much of our student ministry is cross-cultural, whether to churched post-moderns or to those of differing socio-economic classes.

I have a week-long intensive at the end of the month on Revivals and Revivalism in American Christianity. Before that class starts., I have to read 2 books, write a response paper to each, and also prepare an 8-10 minute oral report on a topic. There will be 4 solid days of 8:30-5 classes, and then a 3500 word research paper due a few weeks after the class. Should be a fun time!!


Running is going well. Got 16 miles in last week, and this week looks like 18-ish. I’ve had 2 5-milers in over the past week, the knees are holding up pretty well…just working hard to be aware of when they ache. On track for the 5k on May 1, and the 7-miler Flood Run in CR on June 12.


Worked hard last weekend to get podcasting at Eastview going. Done.
Going to camp this Saturday for a work day, taking some of our students for a good time.
Due to safety concerns, we are flying to Mexico for our trip this year.
4 episodes left of LOST.


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