Tuesday Update

What a cuckoo-crazy week it has been.

The week that was:

Thursday of last week I flew to Philadelphia for the funeral of my Uncle Joe. Joe was a great guy. My favorite memory of Joe happened about 10 or 11 years ago, my dad and I drove to Philadelphia for a stroll down memory lane. I was still working at Best Buy, and Joe had the world’s oldest television. While we were talking to him about possibly buying a new television at Best Buy, he looked at me and said, “…Best Buy? What is that…one of those ‘clip joints’?” Not only did I meet and re-meet all kinds of family, but I got to hang our with my sister, took the subway to downtown and all sorts of fun stuff. I also got to rent a car and drive home from Detroit, thanks to the unhelpful airline staff there.

Been playing catch-up on school work and church work over the last few days, and am finally there.

Last night, we had our original pastor from LeMars, Todd Luce come and visit with us. He is out and about, raising funds for a church plant that he and his family are doing in Oregon. It was great to see him.

Currently Listening:

Lady Gaga has been my soundtrack.

Currently Reading:

In addition to Preparing for Change Reaction for school, I am actually reading a book casually, called Act of Treason. My dad lent it to me, and I’m most of the way through it.

Running Situation:

Vastly improving. Building my mileage back up, and I’ve brought my bike out, too. I’m going green!


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