The Monday Happenings

First up….my “mousework” from the past few days…courtesy of IOGraphica. The lines are the movement and the dots are the mouse clicks.

The Weekend That Was:

For the first time in 2 weeks, I headed outside and put some mileage on. The weather has turned, the knees are healing so I went out. I believe that I have an IT Band issue, so in addition to my physical therapy routine, I’ve added a few things to work on that.

It was my first weekend home in 2 , so I did a lot of chilling out. Sunday was pretty good, Sunday School, a great message on “Loving Them Well” from our preaching minister and then a relaxing afternoon with out youngest watching Fellowship of the Ring. Youth group last night with our senior high students was awesome. Anne and Katie headed to NW Iowa for some time with Anne’s folks for a few days, so me and the boys are living the life. I hear that there’s a HALO marathon tonight after 24.

Grad School:

This is going great. I’m most of the way through my first class and am learning a ton. This weekend at our ministry team leader’s meeting, I even get to apply some of it as we move forward as a church with some important things. It has indeed been a positive channel for my energy.


Started up again a few days ago. The training schedule for the Dam to Dam (June 5) is supposed to start this weekend. According to it, I should be hitting a minimum of 20 miles/week starting next week. No way. We’ll see how the knee holds up over the next few weeks.

The 7 mile Cedar Rapids Run the Flood is scheduled for June 12, that may be more realistic.

Thankfully, there are some 5k’s and 10k’s between now and then.

Coming Up:

My dad is coming out from Virginia for the weekend, have not seen him in a long time, really looking forward to it.

Got a class at IWU at the end of April…be gone for a week. It will kill both a pre-req and an elective.


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