A friend of mine is a pastor in Haiti. Since the earthquake, God has used him to meet needs. I received an email from him the other day that I just tool the time to read. The email began with several scriptures, all examples of when God said “I will be with you”.

They went to a town called Petit-Goave to hand out 300 cards that told people about a food distribution point. The card would be exchanged for a “family kit”. I’ll let Salonique tell it from here:

At the distribution of cards, they led us in places where people were literally violent. Brother Abel and his team faced the biggest of all challenges, because the crowd basically wanted to tear him apart just to get the cards from him. He was in the middle of a crowd of hundreds people when he had left in his hand roughly 50 cards only. My team was distributing cards in another section of town when my phone rang. I picked it up, Murielle nervously tried to convey to me what was going on and by the time, I told her I will intervene, my phone rang again and this time it was for Jude the constructor. They told me that policemen arrested Jude. “Why?” was my question and the response was he was in the middle of a mob, but don’t know why. Then they told me that the policemen are waiting for me at the police station. By this time, my phone went crazy. One of the calls was from bro. Micah, I had him gone to Jude while I headed toward Abel. Brief, only God could have made everything ended the way it did.
It turned out that the policemen pretended that they were putting Jude under arrest to make the crowd happy and to save Jude’s life, because some were coming with knives and rods to fight for cards. Yes they are that desperate. Abel on his side took refuge in the small police station at the entrance of the city and when I went there I had the assistance of a couple policemen and it was with gun pointed out they escorted me, Abel, sister Lena and sister Widler to the police car to the bigger down town police station.

Here’s the end of the email: “Just remember he said to His servants, “I am with you.”

He is with us. Through earthquakes. Through cancer. Through the ordinary day. Through trials and temptations.

Help me, God. Help me to see you. Give me eyes to see and ears to hear. Forgive me when I ignore you.


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