Some post-SYMC thoughts

This past weekend, I had the joy of attending the SYMC in Chicago. Attended some great workshops, got to know one of my sponsors really (or is it RRREEEEEEEAAAALLLLLLLYYYYY?) well. I even had fun at a Toby Mac concert on Sunday night.

Here is a sampling of the things heard (classes, workshops, songs) from the weekend:

“You’re the defender of the weak…which is us.”-Tim Timmons

“You’ll never abandon me, you never will, you never will
You’ll never forsake me you never will, you never will
You’ll never disown me, you never will, you never will
You never will break your word.”-Tim Timmons

“If we favor Outside-In (we go and get the unchurched) over Inside-Out (our kids bring them in) we may end up losing our jobs because Christian parents and clergy perceive us as failing. If we favor Inside-Out work over Outside-In, then we may keep the church happy but we may not achieve all we hope for in our outreach work.” (29, God at the Mall, Pete Ward)

We are to pass on our faith. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 clearly communicates this to us. These verses (the Shema) teach us that:

  1. There is one God.
  2. We are to pass them on to the next generation. We do this by:
  3. Practicing God’s presence when we are at home, on the road, when we lie down and wake up.

“Our kids come from a family system that is more influential than our Bible studies.”– Jim Burns

“Small, non-glamorous, choices now lead to much fruit later.”

“A life of baggage is not the abundant life Christ has promised us.”-Skit Guys

“An adventure has three key components: danger, challenge and involvement.”-Rick Lawrence

“Adult vs student ministry- at least the students cuss you out and talk bad about you to your face. Adults just do it behind your back.“-Derwin Gray

“It is the responsibility of the local body as a whole to reach the lost.”-Dave Rahn

“Don’t let theology get in the way of ministry”-Jim Burns

“I hope that I will not be ashamed, but rather, be courageous, that Christ may be exalted in me“-Philippians 1:20

“Who is Jack Bauer?”-Guy sitting behind me

“A prophet is not welcome in his hometown”-Jim Burns quoting Jesus

“Ministry to parents cannot get too far until there are structures in place to minister to them”-Jim Burns

I am convinced, now more than ever, that it is the responsibility of parents to disciple their children. And…it is the responsibility of the body of Christ to equip parents and families to do so. This is the resolver of the tension between “Inside-Out” and “Outside-In” ministry formats. Family discipleship is the “both/and” to the equation.

If families are ministering to the 99, then we can go and get the 1.


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