It’s Tuesday…

I’m at Panera, listening to U2’s “How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” and working on some stuff for my non-profit management class. I’m 3 weeks in to grad school and feel like I know everything.
The Weekend That Was:

We had our 3rd annual Spaghetti Dinner/Dessert Auction/Talent Show and it was amazing. We had all sorts and kids and families there. God is doing some (just some) great things at Eastview. I’m wondering…when we will all see it.


Last week I got in about 16 miles. I was unfaithful with my physical therapy at the end of the week, and Saturday’s 5-miler killed me. The snow and ice didn’t help, but it was all me. The training schedule for the Dam-to-Dam in June starts next month.

What’s next:

Going to Chicago at the end of the week for the Simply Youth Ministry Conference, I’ll be gone Thursday-Monday. It will be a good weekend of learning and some opportunities for ministry. Looking forward to hanging out with some friends and making new ones. After that, we’re taking some middle school students to CIY’s Believe in St Charles, Missouri. This will be my son John’s first conference, and I’m excited to see him there.


Still in Ezekiel. I’m struck by God’s insistence that we are to eliminate the idols in our lives before we can approach Him. This past Sunday, we shared God’s Word with our students, the verses where God’s response to us, even His willingness to hear and listen is dependent on our righteousness. Well, not OUR righteousness, but the fruit in our lives. When we willing place things before God, why would we expect for Him to listen? Yet, that’s just what we do. This morning, I stumbled across the cartoon below:

I really believe that this is the perfect image of the American church. What we want is some sugary/feel good nonsense, something to make us feel good about who we are.

  • This is reflected in our bible study habits, when we approach scripture in a “thought for the day” way.
  • This is reflected in our prayers when seek to avoid pain and inconvenience.
  • This is reflected in our service when we serve and love on our schedule.
  • This is reflected in our evangelism, when we refuse to share what we claim is the “good news” because of a hole in the ceiling.

When we come to God in this manner, He gives us the only answer fitting our prayers.

“Repent! Turn from your idols and renounce all your detestable practices.”


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