The 2-week update

A lot has been going on over the past 2 weeks. I’m writing from the campus of Lincoln Christian University; I brought 2 students (1 is my daughter) here for a campus visit.

The weekend that was:

Got to hang out with all of my family this past weekend. On Friday, Anne and I took Nate out for lunch, and when we got home, Nate and I played some ODST online for a bit. We haven’t done that in a while. After my ministry team meeting on Saturday, Katie, John and I went to lunch together, which was all sorts of fun. Saturday night, Anne and I went to dinner and a movie, La Camelia’s and “Dear John”. It was a great.

Services at Eastview yesterday were amazing. Great Sunday school discussion, good music, sermon was dead-on and the Tanzania trip commissioning, celebration and prayer time were all wonderful. There is so much good taking place right now, and people simply want to be a part of it. It’s neat to see God doing what he does…taking a dry sprig and make it green.

Grad School:

I went and came back from Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion Indiana. My first class is “non-profit management”, essentially a church growth class. My weekly format looks like this:

  • read a few chapters and respond to the reading on the class bulletin board
  • respond to the postings of at least 2 other people, and respond to the responses on both my post and my responses, and their responses to my responses, and my responses to their responses…etc.
  • write a paper each week on various topics, which will lead to my 16-18 page paper at the end of this course
  • repeat this process for the next 2 years

I also need to take a pre-requisite and 2 electives. I’m hoping to go back to IWU at the end of April for a week long intensive that well double-dip my pre-req and one of my electives. It is forcing me to be way more structured than what I’m used to, which is good.


15.5 miles in last week, my highest week since the knee injury one month ago. Physical therapy is going great and I’m feeling good. As much as I like running in snow and cold, I’m looking forward to spring so I don’t have to gear up as much. Still on track to begin my training schedule for the Dam-to-Dam 12-miler in June.


I watched the Olympic opening ceremony last week, and saw the “best” of what Canada has to offer. I was sad that Rush didn’t make an appearance, so I added them to my iPhone and have been listening to that off and on. On the drive over to LCU yesterday, we listened to the “pop” station on the Pandora iPhone app. Pop music is my guilty pleasure…Black Eyes Peas, Rhianna, Kelly Clarkson, Christina A….it’s all there and I love it.


Last week’s CIY: Miami episode (the space one) was pretty stupid. Has H jumped the shark?

Despite Bill Holley’s problems…Jack Bauer is still saving the world, and is the reason why we enjoy $4 latte’s, $2.56/gallon gas and our religious freedom!! So what if a thumb gets cut off in the process?

And really…does anything really matter beyond LOST?


  • Heading to Chicago for NYWC at the end of next week with some youth ministry-types. There will be much tom-foolery.
  • Heading to St Louis the weekend after that with 7 middle school students and one of our youth leaders for CIY Believe middle school event.

This morning, I read from Ezekiel 17. One verse (24) in particular stuck out. “All the trees of the field will know that I the LORD bring down the tall tree and make the low tree grow tall. I dry up the green tree and make the dry tree flourish. “

God…if I am tall and green, bring me down and dry me up. If I am low, raise me up and make me flourish.


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  1.; You saved my day again.

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