"I’ll just ask one question"

Well, more than one.

What are we about, anyway? Why do we spend so much time reading this book, if we don’t do anything with it? We read about loving Him with all of who we are, but we all know that means when it is convenient for us. We read that we are redeemed, bought with a price, yet nothing changes.

I know. We’re sinners. We are caught up in the “body of death”, we’re in the process of renewal, we “do the things we don’t want to, and don’t do the things we ought.” Blah, blah, blah.

We speak about days inaugurated but not yet here. I teach that the Kingdom of God is both a present reality and a future one. I read this morning that godliness is beneficial because it speaks to both ages. but…then I simply have more questions. More “Why’s?” and “How comes?”.

And now I sit in Panera, reading my book for my non-profit management class, listening to JArs of Clay cover U2’s “All I Want is You.” Could it really be that simple?

To seek out the LORD my God with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength?

What if every waking moment, every thought, every action was run through the lens of seeking out God in that way? Not some ridiculous, trite platitude like “What Would Jesus Do?” as if He cares about the flavor of my coffee, but my heart, soul, mind and strength burdened and weighed down with the thought that God has a will and purpose for me that is not about what job I hold, or where I live, or any of the nonsense that I spend so much time dwelling on.

Dave Cripe told us this morning that the Apostle Paul’s discontent was found in the fact that people did not know the grace of God. What if my, if our, discontent was found in the same place?

O God, break my heart for the things that break Yours.

Break me.

Break us.

Put us in a position that all we have to offer is us singing, begging and pleading, “All I Want is You.”

“he put it in the bottle and he threw it out to sea
but the tide would not surrender and it floated to the beach
so the message of apology his love would never see
he walked around that island all shipwrecked, and heavy

the scars of early childhood stood showing on the skin
necessary enemy so healing could begin
from the message of apology his heart might soon break free
for now he walks that island all shipwrecked, and ready

low beyond horizon lines across the salty sea
a boat without a captain makes its way to some city
he prays that it would sail its course to lover or to kin
and fan a thirst for searching and finding him again

finding him again
finding him again”
-Ship Wreck, Jars of Clay


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One response to “"I’ll just ask one question"

  1. Christ says he loves us as a groom loves his bride. Marriage is to me often a cycle of crisis or breaking.. and renewal- a cycle whereby which we grow closer to our loved one through the breakdown and rebuilding of our relationship. Near Valentine's Day it is appropriate to make these comparisons of faithfulness, faithlessness, brokenness, and renewal…the great thinkers and saints of our tradition have all struggled with the "dark night of the soul" as part of the path to enlightenment and of continual re-birth. Be encouraged in the darkness!

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