The Tuesday Update

This shall be quick.

Reading: The Book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament.

Watching: LOST starts tonight. Does anything else even matter?

Listening: A lot of Derek Webb last week.

Running: Only got in about 13 miles last week. That’s my least in more than a month (not counting the week I took off. I’m taking another few days off. My knees are feeling better, and I don’t want to rush it. Going to try to get some mileage in this week at IWU.

Speaking of IWU: Today, I’m heading over to Marion, Indiana to begin my Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership. I’ve got a few days of introductory stuff, and am going to see some old friends as well.

Next: Gone for the week. Back for a few, then gone to Chicago for the National Youth Worker’s Convention with some friends.

Told you it would be a quick one.

I’ll post more at IWU this week.


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