Wednesday Update

These are getting later and later in the week!

Not much. I did pick up Schaeffer’s “The God Who Is There” a few days last week. A highlight:
What does a historic space-time Fall involve? It means that there was a period of time before man fell; that if you had been there, you could have seen Adam before he fell; that at the point when he revolted against God by making a free choice to disobey God’s commandment, there was the tick of the clock. Take away the first three chapters of Genesis, and you cannot maintain a true Christian position nor give Christianity’s answers” (132).

Yeah. Schaeffer just said that true Christians affirm the creation story as communicated in Genesis.

White House Brief



I got in 25 miles last week. But…at the tail-end of my Wednesday 7.5 miler, I felt some pain in my knees, and there you go. I got in another 7-something on Saturday, then went to the doctor on Monday. Both of my knees are “hyper-mobile” and I need to work my quads to help stabilize my kneecaps. So…I’m taking this week off, which is a bummer because of the 5k I had scheduled on Saturday.

Grad School:
Got an email today with a schedule of my time in Marion, Illinois at the beginning of February.

Middle School youth group is cancelled tonight because of a winter storm that never quite materialized. Better safe then sorry, I suppose.

High School youth group went great the other night. We had a ton of good discussion and learned a lot about where the group is spiritually.
Going to the Simply Youth Ministry Conference at the end of February in Chicago. Looking forward to a weekend of learning and relaxing with some friends.

Finally, my kids (even Katie) have been getting serious about NERF gun wars. Here’s a picture from last night…


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