The Monday Update

I’m going to attempt to be more consistent with these.

Francis Schaeffer’s “The God Who Is There”

  • “At the end of his book What is Philosophy? he (Martin Heidegger) says that in our modern day this use of language is found particularly in the poet. So the conclusion of this view is that we are to listen to the poet. This does not mean that we are to listen to the content of what the poet says, but to listen to the fact that there is a speaking which exists. That is all” (93).
  • The whole of chapter 5 describes Brian McLaren perfectly. To the people on the quest to find the historical Jesus, “The biblical accounts are just the faulty cultural expression of that day. This way of looking at history is closely related to what the new Heidegger (above) said about the mystique of language. These new theologians, both Protestants and some in the Roman Catholic Church, attempt therefore to manipulate biblical language as a help towards present existential experience. To these men language is always an interpretation, and therefor the words of the Bible are already an interpretation of the unknowable thing which occurred” (108). We see this when our Emergent Church friends (Schaeffer calls them “New Theologians”) talk about Paul’s unfamiliarity with such “modern” constructs of homosexuality, gender, etc so we can ignore the content of his message.

We got our kids Beatles Rock Band for Christmas, so I’ve been playing that quite a bit. “Helter Skelter”, “I Am the Walrus”,and “Paperback Writer” fill me with joy.

December mileage: 74 miles. My previous monthly high was 47, which was November 2009.
2009 mileage: 420-something miles
The Amana 5k is January 23rd; it will be my first 5k. I’m excited about it.

What’s next:
Our regularly-scheduled youth programs begin this week. Middle school youth group is this Wednesday, and high school youth group starts next Sunday night. I’m excited about both.

In February, I’ll begin Graduate School at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana via their distance learning program. When done, I’ll have an MA in Ministerial Leadership. It will take just under 2 years. I’m both excited and a little nervous.

Anything else?
I’m in the pulpit on January 27, talking about the Bible and it’s role as teacher, rebuker, corrector and trainer in righteousness.


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