My Running Gear

The air temp was 25, and wind chill was 7.

First, a snow picture, which does not show the 22mph NNW wind:

Here’s what I had on this morning as I ran my 4 miler:

Garmin 305 Forerunner with heart-rate monitor:

Nike Pro Insulated Base Layer Tights:

Starter Polyester Shorts (from Wal-Mart):

Nike Pro Insulated Base Layer Top:

Tek Gear Technical Polyester Shirt (also from Wal-Mart)

Flashing LED Light on armband

Old Navy Hat (.50 on their clearance rack):

Nike Gloves:

Wellco Desert Tan V-Trax Combat Boot (these could be the weapon of choice over the next few days of snow and ice):

Cotton Gold-Toe socks (I know…cotton is a no-no):

I usually wear these, Asics GT-2140’s (these are about worn out, I have a new pair of Nike’s on the way):

You can check out my run here. As I ran north from Daleview Dr to 1st Ave on 22nd St, I was in a 22mph headwind (a little less than 3/4 of a mile). Most of that I ran with my eyes closed because of the snow and ice in my face (my right eyeball is still aching), and a left cheek covered in ice. From 2.59 to 3.03 was the same (another 1/2 mile). From 3.03 to 3.67, I had an ice-covered right cheek, some of which you can see here:

The beard is staying through winter.

Weather notwithstanding, it was an amazing run, my pace was way slow, but I am pleased with it.


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