The Hope Song

Cover your eyes, little ones…

Ok. I cannot find the link. A few weeks ago, a blogger commented on seeing Derek Webb in concert and wrote that Derek ended the show with the song, “American Flag Umbrella”. The song includes the following line:

“In the end it will all be ok
That’s what the wise men tell us
So if it’s not ok then it’s not the end, oh my friends
There’s hope for everyone”.

The blogger called it, “The Hope Song”. This is an interesting concept, one I’ve thought about before. David Bazan (and Pedro the Lion) has used this throughout his career.

On 2000’s “Winners Never Quit”, Bazan takes us through hell, in graphic detail:

  • selfishness of faith, looking out for self
  • extra-marital sex
  • alcohol abuse
  • murder of a spouse to prevent deceit from being revealed
  • the justification of sin
  • the justification of the means for an end
  • personal success being equated with God’s happiness
  • and then, the hope song, called “Winners Never Quit” which ends with:

“Count it a blessing
That you’re such a failure
Your second chance might
Never have come”

On 2002’s “Control”, we find similar themes:

  • the hopelessness of divorce
  • the emptiness of materialism
  • the meaninglessness of extra-marital sex
  • deceit, lies, murder of a cheating spouse, the questioning of faith
  • And then…the hope song, fittingly called, “Rejoice”

“Wouldn’t it be so wonderful
if everything were meaningless
But everything is so meaningful
And most everything turns to shit

Bazan also did this in concert; both times I saw him twice in 2004, he ended with the song, “Secret of the Easy Yoke”. Here’s the closing chorus from the Omaha show:

“If this is only a test
I hope that i’m passing
cause I’m losing steam
and I still want to trust you

peace be still

and in a moment, I’m alive again
and now I want it all the time
and in a moment, I’m alive again
and now I want it all the time”

The hope song is key to us as believers.

What is your hope in?


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