More thoughts from Amos

I’m up to Amos 6; God is going cuckoo…via Amos He’s listing all of the offenses of His people. they’ve ignored the poor for their own gain, and justice, God’s justice, has become a mockery. They’ve become fat and happy, satisfied in their “place” as the people of God, just enjoying what this life has to give.

Here’s the hammer that God brings: He’s going to allow His own people, His nation, the ones that He delivered from Egypt, to be given over to other nations.

“For the Lord God almighty declares, ‘I will stir up a nation against you, O house of Israel, that wil oppress you all the way from Lebo Hamath (in North Lebanon) to the valley of the Arabah (near the Dead Sea).'”

As I think about this, I have to ask why God has not abandoned me like this, why He has not given me over to destruction of this magnitude.

The selfishness, arrogance and pride within me tells myself that perhaps I’m not this bad, that somehow these people are worse than me.

But, then I re-read the list of sins, and find myself in the midst of them.

The fact is, I AM THIS BAD. My heart is wicked. My thoughts are mostly not of God. My actions demonstrate these facts, every single day. Why then, the lack of abandonment? If I’m not better, what is it? As someone said at CIY…it’s not that God doesn’t care about my offenses…He does. He despises my sin. It disgusts Him. He cares about me that much that He will always remain faithful in trying to return me to Him.

Grace. God loves me despite the fact that I am a poor, miserable and despondent sinner. This morning around the breakfast table, we read Revelation 3:14-22. I’m that church, on my own I’m wealthy, and have need of nothing, but the fact is that I am poor, wretched and blind.

And I need Jesus.

Thank you God, for the grace that I constantly mock and take advantage of, for the mercy that I daily scorn and deny.


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