Monday Update

It’s been a long time since I’ve done an actual Monday update.

Running update:
Last week, I got my needed 10 miles in, making October a 42 mile month, my highest yet. November started off today with a 3.77 miler, which means I’m shooting for 50 this month.

Ministry Update:
This past weekend we had our first Fall retreat. We took a group of about 30 (students and adults to Camp Waubeek, which was an awesome place for a retreat. We had a ton of great food, fellowship and game time, as well as time in small groups and study. Coming up this weekend is a trip to Ozark Christian College for “The Event“. We’re taking 3 high school students to what will be a great time. This week, we’re starting our “Crime Scenes of the Bible” series with our middle school youth group. Here’s the intro video that I made last week:

What I’ve been reading:
Last week I started the book of Amos, in the Old Testament. It’s an old-fashioned visit to the woodshed for Israel.
Also sitting on my desk are the books Shift, by Bryan Haynes and Christless Christianity, by Michael Horton.

What I’ve been watching on tv:
ABC’s Flashforward, NBC’s The Office (of course), ABC’s NCIS (I just got into this a few weeks ago), re-runs of The Unit on Wednesday nights after middle school group, and all the college football my family can tolerate on Saturday afternoons.

What I’ve been listening to:
Timothy Keller
David Crowder Band’s “Church Music”
Derek Webb’s “Stockholm Syndrome”


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