Since I was recently banned from posting on the Sojourners blog site for questioning what a “European American” was, I thought I’d just respond to their stupidity on my own site. Of course, anyone is welcome to post here.

Apparently yesterday was “Blog Action Day” on climate change. I cannot believe that I missed it.

Anyway, Elizabeth Denlinger wrote a post entitled, “Paying Attention to Climate Change” that had the following quote, “The video is part of the Day Six campaign to focus the attention of people of faith to the human impact of U.S. climate change legislation. The campaign name “is a reference to the creation story in Genesis, when God made human beings stewards of creation.” There was a brilliant response from a guy who calls himself “Hannity2”. He wrote, “Interesting name considering most progressive Christians seem to believe in evolution.”

Holy crap…that’s funny.

The article, “Caught Between Two Worlds” by Aaron Taylor was well written. In the comments suggestion, a person with the handle, “WaveTossed”, who no doubt misses the irony of their name, writes,

“I do believe that Jesus is God. And I don’t see this belief as being mutually exclusive from the belief that other religions might (or might not) be equal paths to the same truths.”

This sentence is an incoherent mess. Let’s break it down:

I do believe that Jesus is God.


And I don’t see this belief as being mutually exclusive

Which goes against John 10:1-18.

from the belief that other religions might (or might not) be equal paths to the same truths.

I would think some clarity from Jesus (who is God) might be important here. You know….whether or not Islam leads to the same God. And, if they all lead (or don’t) to the same place, then what’s the point of believing that Jesus is God?

Let’s continue:

Then I see the phrase “biblical orthodoxy.” Whose Biblical orthodoxy? What exactly is “Biblical orthodoxy?” In the Episcopal Church, we read the Bible at each service and my pastor regularly conducts Bible study classes. We recite the Nicene Creed at every service, which states explicitly that Jesus is God and our Savior.

Nice Work.

And yet, at our General Convention, the Episcopal Church made changes in our policies and beliefs that has made many evangalicals see us as “straying from the Bible” and “ignoring the Bible as God’s Word.” I’m sure that by now, most people will surmise that I’m bringing up the huge “G” word, as in “Gay/Lesbian.” The Episcopal Church doesn’t interpret the Bible the way that many evangelicals do, especially on the subject of Gay/Lesbian people: therefore, say some of them, we are “jettisoning Biblical orthodoxy.”

Well, the definition of orthodoxy is “authorized or generally accepted theory, doctrine or practice”. From the start (you know…the whole Day 6 thing), homosexuality was against God’s original intent. The men and women who wrote the Bible picked up on God’s wishes and wrote those things in the Bible. At some point in history, the Bible came to be called “God’s Word”. For about 1700 years now, that compilation of books has indeed become “orthodox”, as in, “”authorized or generally accepted theory, doctrine or practice”. So, when you go against that, it would be right to accuse someone of “jettisoning Biblical orthodoxy”. Just sayin’.

But maybe it’s also the orthodox concept of evangelicism that separates the Episcopal Church from those who consider themselves to be “Evangelical.”

Nope. I’d say it’s the jettisoning of Biblical orthodoxy by your team that is separating us.

What about evangelicizing by works, by examples, by showing rather than by explicitly telling?

Something about filthy rags.

Finally, same post, but a comment from Joe_Allen_Doty.

Before you share the “Living Bread of Life” (aka Christ Jesus) with people who are hungry, homeless, poorly clothed, sick, etc., you need to meet their earthly physical needs first.

Then why did Jesus forgive sins BEFORE healing in Luke 5:20, and rebuke Satan Luke 9:42?


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  1. you know, you are taking this genesis 6 thing waaaaaayyyy too seriously. get a grip on reality.

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