Oh, Brian…

Over at B-Mac’s place, he posted a letter to our Dear Leader and Nobel Laureate, President Barack H.Obama.

I am a loyal supporter of your presidency. I worked hard in the campaign and have never been as proud of my country as I was when we elected you.”

This should come as no surprise to anyone.

“I’m writing to ask you to find another way ahead in Afghanistan. I wrote a similar letter to President Bush when he was preparing for war in Iraq”

Click on the link to read the letter. Especially the first part when he says “The ballots finally revealed you as our nation’s 43rd president” part…you know selected, not elected.

“I believe now, as you and I both did then, that war is not the answer. Violence breeds violence, and as Dr. King said, you can murder a murderer, but you can’t murder murder. As the apostle Paul said, evil must be overcome with good, which means that violence and hate must be overcome with justice and love, not more of the same.”

And obviously, BHO and B-Mac were right!! Afghanistan was a war of necessity, but Iraq was one of choice, right? I find it humorous that B-Mac quotes Paul here…he generally has a low regard for Paul especially when he goes all “right-wing” and calls homosexual activity a sin.

“Obviously, you know things the rest of us don’t know. And you have pressures and responsibilities the rest of us don’t have.”

Funny, I can’t imagine him saying anything like this to President Bush. Let me re-read that letter to Bush…Ummm….nope.

“But we have based our lives on the moral principles that guided leaders like Dr. King, Desmond Tutu, and Nelson Mandela. We share a profound faith in a loving, non-violent God. We share a commitment to live in the way of Jesus the peacemaker.”

“Non-violent God”? Somebody should read the Old Testament. I forgot…Brian’s an English teacher, with no formalized religious training.

“That’s why escalation is not a change we can believe in.”

That old chestnut. Let me get this straight, sending 21,000 troops 5 months ago was consistent with “hope and change”, but now, it’s not?

I don’t argue for leaving Afghanistan high and dry as we’ve done too often in the past. Evil can’t be overcome by passivity or abdication, but only by positive good and creative action.

So the firebombing of Tokyo or Dresden was “positive good and creative action”?

In that spirit, I offer this humble proposal:

1. Take the 65 billion we would have spent there in the coming year and turn it into an aid and development fund. If you want to go farther, you could put a value on the cost of American lives that would be lost there (I have no idea how this inestimable cost could be calculated), and add that sum to the fund. 65 billion could build a lot of peace-oriented schools and hospitals in Afghanistan. It could serve as start-up capital for a lot of new businesses and it could pave a lot of roads. It could train a lot of police officers and it could enhance a lot of social infrastructure. It could give hope to a lot of women and girls who currently don’t have much hope, and it could provide a lot of constructive outlets for men and boys who right now don’t have many options besides picking up a machine gun and joining a warlord.

Two words come to mind: “Shovel Ready”.

2. Other nations might contribute to this fund as well, and the fund could be extended into the future based on the number of years our military would have been engaged in Afghanistan. The fund could be administered by the US, or better (in the spirit of international cooperation), an IAEC-like agency could be created, subsidiary to the United Nations, to monitor progress in Afghanistan.

“Might”. Great word choice. I think we should ask North Korea, Iran and Venezuela to help. And the UN? Food for Oil worked so well last time.

3. Then a set of benchmarks could be set, and the money could be released for development in Afghanistan as the nation reached appropriate benchmarks. This fund would be an enticement to mobilize public opinion in the direction of peace and justice, as people would know that their lives could be substantially improved if their factionalized leaders would start collaborating nonviolently for the common good.

Interesting. I remember hearing about the factionalization as a reason NOT to invade years ago. The people were too split up to join.

4. With this kind of approach, the people of Afghanistan (and Pakistan) would have two clear choices. Al Queda and other extremists offer violence and unrest. But the international community would be offering support for order, rebuilding, collaboration, justice, and peace. This choice is a much clearer and better one than the choice between two groups of leaders who both depend on violence to achieve their aims.

The terrorists also offer this bit of encouragement…they’ll kill you if you don’t support them. Only under B-Mac’s plan, there will be no soldiers around to keep that from happening.

5. Conservatives could support this kind of approach because it emphasizes personal choice and responsibility among the Afghan people…”

B-Mac and his dichotomies. Conservative vs Progressive. I thought he was against this kind of thing?

“It would come alongside them in their own nation-building efforts at their own best pace, rather than trying to impose our own nation-building on them at a pace we determine…”

Wait…didn’t Brian just set the pace for them in steps 1-4?

“Progressives could support this approach because it changes the role of the US in the global neighborhood – from reactive bully or intentional dominator to responsible neighbor and partner for the common good.”

Brian forgot, “And the country that everyone calls when there is a natural disaster.”

“Mr. President, you have my respect and my prayers at this important time. I believe you have the intelligence and insight to find a creative way to use a new kind of force in the world…”

Just look at what he’s done with the economy.

“something far more powerful than bombs, guns, and bullets: the generative force of creativity, of justice, of collaboration, and yes, of hope. Can we find a new and better way to help Afghanistan rise out of chaos and complicity with Al Queda? You know the answer many of us will shout and chant: yes, we can.”

I’m betting that there will be significantly less voices than the 55 million idiots that voted for him.

With respect and hope,
A citizen”

Brian’s hope is built on nothing less than BHO’s…oh, nevermind.


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  1. and yet, Bmac says nothing of the holocaust that takes place in the world today because of the way Obama and his kind think.AND pull our troops from Afghanistan THEN build a bunch of schools and hospitals; what do you think the taliban is going to do to those buildings you idiot.

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