In Efrem Smith’s (lack of label…more on this in a moment) recent blog post at Sojourners, he writes, “We need more churches to lead these types of initiatives (about understanding race). These conversations and forums could help us understand one another better. We need to move from demonizing those with different perspectives than ourselves and seek to understand the historical roots of our differences.”

Apparently, Sojourners is either not reading their own postings, or just not interested in acting upon what is being written.

Apparently, asking the question, “What the crap is a European-American, anyway?” on the Sojourners blog gets a person banned.

That’s me…xjm716, the one that has a nice little, “Comment Removed” under his name.

My heritage is Irish and Scottish. But, I’ve never been to either place. I was born here. I believe that makes me an American.

A few years ago, I heard Efrem Smith speak at Willow Creek. I liked what he had to say. I just lost any respect for the man. I’m trying to envision a scenario in which I would recount a conversation with him labeling him as anything other than “Efrem Smith” or “Efrem”. Yet, here he is, posting about a conversation with a “European American”.

According to Efrem Smith’s (notice the lack of label) website, Efrem Smith (again), “Efrem (third time) is a graduate of Saint John’s University and Luther Theological Seminary. Currently, he is a doctoral student in Church Leadership at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.”

As Efrem Smith (that’s four) is working on his doctoral dissertation, perhaps he should read Galatians 3:28. You know..the verse that says that the unity of Christ overcomes things like ethnic, sexual and social divisions.


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