Grace, part 3?

Grace, Grace, Grace.

On Monday nights, Anne and I meet with a few other people for a Bible study in a home. Currently, we’re reading the book Couples of the Old Testament. Our homework assignment for the week was to complete the “Now or Later” section at the end of the first chapter:

“In a set time limit, list as many of your own mistakes, sins and oversights as possible. Then, for each one, meditate on how Christ has forgiven it and even used it for good.”

Now there’s a delightful walk down memory lane. Take a few minutes and be reminded of how much you suck and need Jesus. It communicates both of those things quite effectively, in fact.

Let’s revisit Derek Webb. Last week, I posted thoughts on his song “The Proverbial Gun”. Every time I hear the song, at the instant the song starts, I simply want to weep over the level of undeserved forgiveness that I receive. Even when the it is remixed using the drum line from Led Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks” (The Proverbial Levee).

I still do not get it. But, God…am I thankful for it.


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