Day 3 of 31

Proverbs 29:18- “Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint; but blessed is the man who keeps the law.”

Revelation-a message from God given through a prophet. This comes in many ways. We are surrounded by prophets…people, God’s Word, media…they all can serve as prophets. Some of these revelations are what we should do, they demonstrate our right and proper response to God. They show us love, kindness, patience, how we are to treat our neighbors. And sometimes, these prophets and their messages serve to warn us. We see the result of sin in a crime drama on TV, we see sin celebrated as “love” on the pages of tabloids, we empathize and sympathize with the broken when they call us or come by for a visit in a moment of need.

Law- this is God’s law. And, it is not meant to “ruin” our fun, but rather, teach us what “real joy is”- to quote an Audio Adrenaline song. The law is meant to protect us, to shield us from sin. but, it too has a dastardly consequence; according to Paul, it reveals to us what sin is. It creates a “line”, one which we all to often like to dance on, to step over and then quickly dash back to the “safe” side, because we just had a taste, a quick look, for a moment. But…

The writer of this Proverb has it right on the money. “When there is no revelation” WAIT…is there a time of “no revelation”? Paul writes in Romans that creation itself reveals God. Scripture (and Jesus!) says that people will have eyes to see, but unable to perceive, ears to hear but not understand. The writer is saying that at times, people will willfully disregard the revelation(s) of God. This willful disregard is the time of “no revelation”. And the result? The casting off of all restraint. Romans 1 follows this line of thinking perfectly (you should go and read it). People do whatever the crap they want to do, whenver the crap they want to do it, and however the crap the want to do it.


For the one who keeps God’s law, there is a blessing. Which law? Either the teachings of wisdom or the Law brought down by Moses from God. What’s the blessing? Ultimately, it is relationship with God. As noted above however, the law is a blessing (it shows us right living with God) and a curse (it demonstrates what wrong living looks like).

There are moments, too many moments, that I have ignored God’s revelation. I’ve cast off restraint. This, in itself is a revelation, however. Why? It reveals the truth of the gospel. Why have I cast off restraint? I’ve ignored the revelation! But…

I no longer wish to cast off restraint. As I participate in this “31 Day Challenge”, I’m coming face to face with revelation. The flow for the first 3 days has been interesting…

Day 1: Establishes the Lordship of God
Day 2: I should only be thirsty for what He gives
Day 3: How does He give it? Revelation and Law.

God, I want to be blessed! Give me ears to hear and eyes to see!


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