Thursday Thought(s)

Surgery went “well” I suppose. Last night I had a tough time getting into a comfortable position for more than 2 hours. Most of the night I felt like a turtle on it’s back unable to move. I have not taken a pain pill for about 10 hours now, going to see how long I can make it.

I’m home today, doing some prep for my ministry team retreat this weekend. We have some significant prep to do before things get going over the next 2 weeks. Our Fall Kick-Off is next week, followed by our first ever Sunday night youth group for high school students. Up until now, our middle school and high school groups have met together on Wednesday nights, but due to the growth we’ve seen, we feel the split is necessary. This weekend, we’ll just be putting all of the pieces together, as well as having some good fellowship time with our youth leaders and new student leader cohort. Finally, we’ll be working on our activity schedule for 2009-2010.

Now, I’m going to play some HALO 3 online with Nate!


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