Sunday Suppositions

This replaces the previous “Monday Update”.

It has been…a summer. 2 camps, a mission trip and summer conference for our high school students. At the beginning of the summer, at our very first event even, my back began to ache. After that week of camp, I returned to my family doctor as in March I had surgery on a herniated disc in my lower back. After a few months of on/off physical therapy, and the week after our final event, I again returned to the doctor who sent me back to the surgeon, who sent me to have an MRI, and then back to the surgeon for the results. And the result? Another herniated disc. So…guess what? Surgery on Tuesday, the week before our youth ministry’s Fall Kick-off and 10 days prior to our first ever Sunday night youth group (we have been meeting on Wednesdays). The really sucky thing is that I’ve been increasing my weekly running mileage up to this point, so I’m done running for a few weeks at least.

This past weekend, our family went to Lake Okoboji in NW Iowa to join my wife’s family for her parents 45th wedding anniversary. The family fun took place in a beautiful condo on the lake. We had some great food and good family time.

Today, I was in the pulpit as our preaching minister was gone, taking 2 of his daughters to college, one to Milligan, the other back to Lincoln. The topic was Psalm 126, “Joy”. Sometime this week, I’ll figure how to post a link.

I believe I’m about out of things to say for now. I may post a thing or two tomorrow, and will definitely be live-blogging the surgery day.

26 days until U2 in Chigago!


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  1. chigago huh? Sounds fun. lol

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