What to do?

I recently read an article on Timothy Keller in Christianity Today. Dr. Keller is the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. In the article, he stated that one of his “rules” about preaching there was to not discuss politics from the pulpit. I don’t know what to do with that. Part of me is in agreement. While discussing it with my wife, she gently reminded me that all of creation is the Lord’s, and as such, how can we not talk about politics?

Any follower of this blog (are there 2 of you?) is aware that I am opinionated on a number of matters, from politics, to Christianity, to music, movies…everything. I have really struggled with this. Obviously people (both of you) do read my blog, so when I post something critical of your favorite politician, actor, musician, etc, someone may be turned off to the message. But, what if, in doing so, I come across as so negative that any non-believer who stumbles across this blog gives up there quest for God? I guess that this post is related to yesterday‘s in that I’m wondering why I blog.

So, as I do some soul searching, here’s where I stand on some of those issues, after today, I’ll be leaving these topics alone for a while:

I think that our current president is in the process of dismantling our country. It is evident that he is neither a leader nor a manager. He is condescending in his speech and actions. For all of the “George Bush is a fear-mongerer” talk, Barack Obama takes it to a whole new level. From Guantanamo Bay to Afghanistan to Iraq, the man has merely continued the policies he ran against. Basically, he is a liar. He is spending us into oblivion. And as great as it is to take about government health care’s purpose NOT making money, what’s the dollar figure it must lose for us to get away from it?

In general, I believe our government is corrupt at all levels, and that those elected to represent us do nothing of the sort. For an elected official to not know how he will vote on something 2 hours prior to said vote is a lie.

Brian McLaren, Tony Jones, Rob Bell, et al

So, basically, for now, I’m throwing in the towel on these topics for a season. I’ll just be irritating you with the most controversial topic of all. Jesus.



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2 responses to “What to do?

  1. hey john,i read your blog, so i guess that means you have 3 followers 🙂 i've liked to see your opinions on different things…and would have to agree with you about the gov't. have fun @ ciy! -lilli meyers

  2. Do I make #4 ? Rob Bell ?? Don't we have a bunch of his videos ?-Chuck D.

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