Where you been, hombre?

It’s been a crazy few weeks. Kansas Mission Trip, High School Camp week. For a ministry update, go here.

Overheard during those weeks:

“Check out my guns! Oh, wait, it’s just a bug bite from camp”-my son, in Kansas.

“You’re a tick magnet, which is better than a chick magnet”-one student, to another in Kansas.

“Are you speaking in tongues? We need a translator!”- Hannah Burkle to a student after he mumbled a question to her.

“It’s like that Twilight Zone episode where the guy’s glasses break after he gets into the library”-Phil Stiles, our camp speaker.

“The Ethiopian Eunuch would be like Timothy Geithner, which is hardly complimentary”-Bill Holley, during his sermon.

I am home for a few weeks, before heading out to our final youth group trip for the summer, to Carbondale, Illinois and CIY’s Move. The last 3 days have been great, just chilling with the family.

I drove my mom to the airport this morning, she’s going to Scotland for a few weeks to do some tourist stuff. Sounds fun.

I have a ministry meeting to prepare for this Saturday. We’ll be talking about all sorts of fun stuff.

I started reading Glenn Packiam’s “Secondhand Jesus” yesterday. As I stated in my sermon a few weeks ago, I’m wondering if I have an idea who Jesus really is. Am I satisfied with what everyone else tells me?

Still reading in Mark. Today, I read from Mark 10:1-12. The Pharisees ask Jesus about divorce, and I believe His methodology of response to these men is classic Jesus humor and a perfect model for us.

1- He knew his audience-they were the Pharisees, believers who knew God’s Word forward and backward. So…

2- He appealed directly to that authority by…

3- Answering a question with a question: “What does scripture say?”. And then…

4- The Pharisees pull an “us”, they cherrypick the scripture, ignoring context and the balance of God’s Word. So Jesus,

5- Tells them that it is because man is fallen that they need to be divorced. He appeals to creation (which rocks, btw) and says that marriage was ordained by God between a man and woman (but we can’t get political here…). And then…

6- Jesus meets with his disciples privately and tells them that anyone* who divorces someone else and remarries, is guilty of adultery.

Oh, Jesus!!

What have I learned? When Christians ask me a question like this, I’m going to ask them what scripture says. When they cherrypick it, I’m going contextualize it for them and point to God as the ultimate authority. They’ll either a) walk away mad and repent, b) just walk away mad and continue to justify their sin, c) leave our church or youth group, or d) b and c. And then there’s e) get me fired.

*Yeah, He said anyone.


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