Derek Webb, Stockholm Syndrome, and swear words, part 2

Here are some links to download 4 new Derek Webb songs (if you know what you’re doing, that is):

What Matters More

“Freddie, Please”, “Heaven”, and “The Spirit and The Kick Drum” are available here.

“What Matters More” deals with homosexuality and the “Christian” response. Here are the lyrics:

“You say you always treat people like you like to be
I guess you love being hated for your sexuality
You love when people put words in your mouth
‘Bout what you believe, make you sound like a freak

‘Cause if you really believe what you say you believe
You wouldn’t be so damn reckless with the words you speak
Wouldn’t silently conceal when the liars speak
Denyin’ all the dyin’ of the remedy

Tell me, brother, what matters more to you?
Tell me, sister, what matters more to you?

If I can tell what’s in your heart by what comes out of your mouth
Then it sure looks to me like being straight is all it’s about
It looks like being hated for all the wrong things
Like chasin’ the wind while the pendulum swings

‘Cause we can talk and debate until we’re blue in the face
About the language and tradition that he’s comin’ to save
Meanwhile we sit just like we don’t give a shit
About the 50,000 people who are dyin’ today

Tell me, brother, what matters more to you?
Tell me, sister, what matters more to you? “

“Freddie, Please” is about Fred Phelps, and is written from Jesus’ perspective on Fred’s “ministry”. Lyrics:

“Freddie, please
how could you do this to me?
How could you tell them you love me
when you hate me,
Freddie, please?

You know I’ll love you honey,
and i’ll bleed you dry with money
I’ll talk where i know you can hear.
Cause Freddie can’t you see
brother, you’re the one who’s queer?

And the stone’s been rolled
but you’re picketing my grave
for loving the things you hate.

Then why do you seek the living among the dead?


Apparently, the album drops on July 9 with pre-ordering available on July 7. More to come.


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