"Significant Cost Savings", and "cap and trade"

So last month I was going through our monthly finances and I noticed that Discover has recently revised their payment due date. It is now EXACTLY 25 days after the closing date. What does that mean?

Well, they moved the payment due date BACK 5 days. What was due on the 4th of the month is not due on the 3oth (or whenever) of the previous month. Now, the cynic in me immediately defaults to:

We know that no one reads their statements (this notification came in my April statement), so we’re going to change the date. Why? Let’s say that you received a balance transfer promotion at 0%. Make a late pay and the interest increases to a ridiculous 18.24%, if not higher. And that 18.24% is not on the current balance, but on the TRANSFERRED balance, you know, the one you transferred 5 years ago, and you almost have it paid off. Let the financial slavery continue. And this from companies who our grandchildren’s children are going bailing out.

(A few years ago when we bought out home, we needed appliances. So, we did what every good red, white and blue American would do. We took advantage of Best Buy’s 36 month no interest/no payment plan. Now we paid everything off in time, but if we had not, we would have, paid this off, we would have owed $1800 in interest on a purchase of…$2400. Yeah, you read that right.)

So today, I called Discover and asked them what was up. The response? Moving the date back 5 days provides “significant cost savings” to Discover.

Translation: You owe us more money, sucker.

Cap and Trade

Soooo, I called Representative Dave Loebsack’s office today to learn of his position on cap and trade, the energy bill that is going to increase the taxes of every single American who consumes any and all energy sources. The person in the Cedar Rapids office told me that she was “not the energy person” and asked for my contact information. I gave her my name and then she asked for…my address. When I stated that the vote was today, she said, “I know”. She then told me that everyone in her office was on the phone talking to people. so, I called the Iowa City office and asked the same question. The person I spoke to there also, “did not know”. She too knew that the vote was today, but was unsure of what was going to happen. I was referred to the DC office number, which is…202-225-6576. Of course, that number is busy. So, I called the 866 number, and was again told (after the lady laughed when I told her why I was calling) that she too, did not know of his position as “she did not handle energy issues”.

Great news! I got through tto the DC office, and asked what his position was. Answer? “He’s unsure”.

Yeah. Sure he is.

Ahhh America. I hardly knew ye.


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