It’s been a week…

Much has happened over the past week.

First, an update on my wife.
Both Sunday and Monday evenings were spent in the ER at St Luke’s Hospital here in Cedar Rapids. Last September, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went through chemo from October-April, and at the beginning of May, began radiation treatment. Over the past 2 weeks, the radiation has started to do what it does..burn her skin. Thursday of last week, her neck and back began to hurt badly, which was soon followed by blisters elsewhere on her body. Sunday, she contacted her radiation oncologist, who suggested she go in to be checked out. After several hours and a few shots for pain and allergic reactions, she was released. Mid-day on Monday, she registered a fever. Again, we went to the ER. Due to the symptoms, she was checked for meningitis. The results came back negative, and again, after some shots, she was released. As of this morning, she is looking and feeling better. She went for her radiation treatment yesterday and talked to the oncologist there, who suggested she postpone treatments for a few days to allow the blisters from radiation to heal a bit. They are guessing that the blisters on her feet and arms were from something she contacted, and had an allergic reaction to. Beyond that, they are simply unsure of what it was/is.

What else is going on this week:
I saw Terminator Salvation on Monday afternoon, before all of the health fun. I found it a little incoherent, but overall, I enjoyed it. There were bits and pieces that hearkened back to T1 and T2, which was cool. For those paying attention, there were obvious biblical analogies. Marcus Wright in the death chamber being executed by lethal injection, arms stretched out on a “cross”, only to be resurrected by Cyberdyne. Fast forward 15 years, and Marcus Wright as a man wandering in the desert (a type of John the Baptist), and then giving his heart to John Connor so he can go on to “save” everyone by leading the resistance. This was both Marcus’ and John’s “second chance”, giving Marcus redemption.

I went to Cedar Falls and NEICSC yesterday to finalize plans for our middle school week of camp. Camp is coming together well, I’m looking forward to not being a dean next year and taking a summer or two off.

Last week, Anne’s parents came down for a quick visit and brought us a picnic table and seats. They are in serious need of a coat of paint, so for the past few evenings, when not in the ER, I’ve been painting the seats. I’ll post some pictures when it’s complete. The table painting is on hold for a few days, we got some rain over the past few days, so it’s a little soggy.

Some ministry stuff:
We have a meeting on Saturday for those wanting to go to Kansas this summer on a mission trip for our middle school students. I need to call Morning Star Ranch today to talk about work projects.
Our second to last youth group meeting is tonight. We’ll be finishing out Ecclesiates.
I am still working on our sponsor handbook for next year, and we have some big changes in store for our youth ministry next year. You can read about them here.
Our building stuff seems to be coming together.

What else:
I’m still reading from the Gospel of Mark for my personal reading time, not very faithfully, but I am reading.
I also am un-faithfully reading The Complete Works of EM Bounds On Prayer at night.
As a family, we are reading 2 Kings around the breakfast table and at night before we go to bed. We are struck by the violence and the stories that are not your typical Sunday school fare.
MFP has been sucessfully reuinited with his family at Ft Hood in Texas. I know that he is happy to be back, and even happier that Lindesy and the kids are there.
The Derek Webb saga continutes. Last week a full song was made available for download. The song is called “The Spirit Vs. The Kick Drum”. Here’s the final chorus:

“I don’t want the Father, you know I want a vending machine.
I don’t want the Son, you know I want a jury of peers.
I don’t want the Spirit, you know I want a kick drum.”

Good stuff!


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  1. I’m praying for you and your family…God bless you.

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