A video detour

I’ll return to the Starbucks/Church video tomorrow. Meanwhile, over at B-Mac’s place, Brian posted a video with the caption:

how witch hunts, inquisitions, jihads, holy wars, and new denominations begin …

The video is entitled “Awkward Questions About Jesus”

I think a better title for the video would be “Questions that John Mulholland’s 10 year-old son could answer.” I have to wonder why Brian would post this without any sort of context or explanations, just a lame title.

Is he…
A) implying that these are real questions Christians should be talking about?
B) stating that he has faced these questions and doesn’t know how to answer them?
C) using it to show the failure of “modern” Christianity to deal with the “hard questions” of the Bible?
D) something else?

Really, three kids berating a priest is the foundation of “witch hunts, inquisitions, jihads, holy wars and new denominations”?

Brian, why join in the attacks against your faith? Have you no apologetic? Are you not willing to contend for it?

One word: Lame.


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One response to “A video detour

  1. Actually I found the video both charming and highly instructive. McLaren continues to make Christians think rather than just shout slogans and give knee jerk reactions to anything that shakes their often all too fragile faith.Or at least he is trying to. It seems that some people would rather dodge the issue raised and write rhetoric questioning his loyalties than to the hard work of critical thinking the questions raised by the children entail. I am curious, though, as to the answers your kids would give to the issues posed. Thanks so much for sharing this delightful clip!

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