Monday Update

This past weekend, I had the please of serving with Christ for the city International in Omaha, Nebraska on their Urban Plunge event. For a detailed trip recap, click here. After I recover for a few days, I’ll bring the Starbucks video back for further review. In the meantime, I’ll keep this a little light-hearted…

The following was overheard on the d-group retreat, and in no certain order:

“She’s their Kyle”

“You can’t possibly know that”

“He’s ‘that guy’.”

“That was a rhetorical question”

Guy giving a presentation for one of the ministry’s we went to:
(asks a middle school girl to stand): “Does anyone know her purpose?”
Student from another group: “To reproduce?”
Every other person in room: laughs

Their Kyle: “Was that a rhetorical question?”
Guy: “No, you can answer that”

Their Kyle: “I want to be a whale trainer. Oh, and an OB/GYN.”

Angels on Wheels guy: “She looks like a potential mother”
Sam: “What does a ‘potential mother’ look like?”

Angels on Wheels guy: “That ministry is run by…the Lutheran…umm, Lutheran…”
Me: “Church?”
Angels on Wheels Guy: “No.”

Dillon: “This is like banana heaven.”

“If he’s not gay, he should be”

“The intricacies of the best-laid plans of mice and men…”


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