The Church and Starbucks, Part 1

As I wrote yesterday, I’m going to posting thoughts about a video entitled, “What If Starbucks Marketed Like a Church?”.  I posted the video on yesterday’s post, so hit the link if you want to watch the video.  As I stated, I’ll show some comments from the creator of the video, and add my own thoughts and do my best to NOT just regurgitate.

From the “Purpose of the Video” post:
“Many years ago I spoke at a conference, challenging on biblical marketing principles (yes, they exist–more to come on that) and I shared the concept that most churches should not promote themselves.”
This is an interesting concept.  You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a commercial for Starbucks on tv.  So…how did I find out about them?  I mean, at least once a week I go to the Starbucks on Collins Rd here in Cedar Rapids.  I buy their coffee to grind and make at home.  Each year for my birthday and Christmas, I can count on getting at least one Starbucks gift card.  Heck, I even paid $25 to join the “Gold Club”.  Starbucks doesn’t need to promote themselves…I do it for them, and so do millions of other people.
“I further challenged that every person who has had a life-changing experience with Christ wants every one they know to have a life-changing experience with Christ. If they are not inviting people to church, it is likely because they are not confident in the result.”
“Not confident in the result”.  If Starbucks sold bad coffee, the word of mouth would kill them.  Because there are no commercials, their only promotion is people.  People who are confident in the result.  Occasionally, they’ll screw up.  A few weeks ago, my sister-in-law and family were in town.  Her husband is also a Starbucks fanatic, so we went.  Something was amiss, and he took his coffee back twice to be corrected.  Both times, apologies were offered, and I didn’t see any anxiousness on the part of the staff, they were not negative, they just took care of it.  I saw that, and now I’m telling you about it.  We should be asking ourselves WHY people are not inviting friends.  We should be asking ourselves if people even know what “result” we are aiming toward.  
This introspection really boils down to the idea that we are not doing this for ourselves.  To be sure, Sunday morning corporate worship is just that…worship of God.  It is designed to get believers together communally as one body to praise, exhort and hear God’s Word proclaimed.  BUT, visitors also have needs.  One of the things we should be aiming for is to “prepare the soil” as much as we can.  I’ll close with a final quote:
“Every church has the opportunity to better themselves and be introspective, so I don’t want you to think your church is excluded from this. Your takeaway is not to determine which church this fits the best, it is to go back to your church and ask, “God, how can we connect with the lost more effectively so we can share your love with them with greater success?”

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