Monday Update

The Weekend That Was:

Had a great weekend hanging out with a bunch of middle school and high school student, and a couple of adults doing our youth ministry’s annual 30 Hour Famine event.  This year was a little different, this year we focused on homelessness here in the the United States, and in Cedar Rapids particularly.  We spent Friday night doing a fundraiser for a local homeless shelter, then slept in cardboard boxes in our church parking lot.  Had an interesting moment in the middle of the night when I questioned the “safety” of what we were doing, but then came to the conclusion that, at least or a few hours, we were really living the experience.  Saturday morning was at the homeless shelter doing various work projects, then a return to church for a meal, and our group project and presentation prep for our church yesterday, which went very well.  Yesterday was church, followed by an afternoon of not doing a lot.  I ran my first outside run since surgery yesterday, had to stop and walk a few times-lame.  Last night was d-group, which I’m not so sure about how it went.  We reviewed our reading assignments for the week, then watched a video about an atheist’s perspective on religion in general and Christianity in particular.  Here‘s the video link.  We viewed it, split the kids into groups to discuss it, then as a large group, we talked about it.  I’m not sure what I think about the discussion.
Prayer Request:
For the past 11 years, I’ve been blessed to be a part of a ministry In San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Unless you’ve been under a rock over the past few days, Mexico has been hit hard by Swine Flu.  I received an email from a friend of mine there in SLP this morning, giving us an update, which is not good.  According to the email, the city of SLP is in worse shape than Mexico City, public gathering places have been closed for 10 days and people within the church have been affected.  On the flipside, there were 92 in attendance in the church service yesterday, which was a record.  Please join me in praying for those that are sick (in Mexico and abroad) and for the church in particular.  In addition, a friend of mine is scheduled to take a group down to SLP in July for a VBS mission trip; I can only imagine the conversation that is taking place in his church over this new development.  Keep him in your prayers as well.
Some food for thought:
I’ve recently stumbled across a clever video entitled “What If Starbucks Marketed Like a Church?” from the website “Beyond Relevance”.
Here’s the video:
From the website: “We made this video because we sometimes struggle in helping churches to truly understand the disconnection between how we do things and the people we’re trying to reach. Our thought was to showcase the visitor experience in a completely different context and in doing so, we might help churches realize how they might actually comes across to the world we are called to reach.  Sometimes it takes seeing something in a different light to really get it. With this thought, my team and I made a little video called “What if Starbucks Marketed Like the Church? A Parable.”
Over the next few weeks, I’ll be blogging about this video, using quotes from the creator’s site, with some of my own thoughts thrown in.

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  1. Enjoyed the coffee video. What a thought….do we do that? Do we treat new people like that?

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