Monday Update

Here’s the funny thing about youth ministry…

There is a lot of event planning that goes on.

Here’s the next 3 months…May 8-11 is our d-group retreat/service project in Omaha. Then? This summer, I will be co-deaning 2 separate camps at North East Iowa Christian Service Camp, the first is a middle school week and is June June 14-19. I’ll be back a week, then to Kansas for our middle school mission trip. The day after I get home, I go back to NEICSC for our high school week of camp. Back for 2 weeks, and then off to CIY for our high school summer conference in Carbondale, Ill.

Not to mention all the graduations and the parties. And, the planning sessions for all of the above.

The last few weeks seemed like a “break” compared to the crunch time that is now upon me.

On top of that, weekly sunday school lessons, youth group and d-group lessons, and time seems a little short.

These are not complaints. I love what I do. It’s just…two weeks ago, those things were still “far enough out” to warrant too much focus.

Not now.


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One response to “Monday Update

  1. Wow, you’re schedule’s pretty packed! Make sure you get ample rest so you don’t get fatigued and end up getting sick. Good luck with everything!

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