Recap/Update/Blah, blah blah…

First things first…I got them. U2 tickets. First night in the US on their new tour, September 12, Soldier Field in Chicago. I paid $35 each. Phil is going with me. No doubt, it will be a great time.

The balance of last week was “ok”. Why just “ok”? We had Anne’s chemo schedule wrong. We thought that we were done last Thursday, but because we missed one back in January, we were a week off. So…this week is it. It made for a tough few days mentally and emotionally.

Winter came back over the weekend. What was suppose dot be a “wintry-mix” became 4-6 inches of snow. Here’s a shot from our front door mid-afternoon:

I spent Saturday evening at a friends house. Ate dinner, played HALO 3 on xBox live, it was a good time, then…I left for home on what I thought was going to be the least dangerous way. The way that would most likely be plowed. Right through Cedar Rapids. The result? Me in a ditch.

Contacted a towing company about 10:20 pm. Around 10:45, a Cedar Rapids PD squad car rolled up to stay with me. Because he had a ride-along, I got to sit in the back of his car until the tow showed up…here’s the picture I took from my spot:

My car got pulled out by midnight and I was home by 12:30. Sunday was “the usual”…

We had a great church service, one focused on prayer. The afternoon was pretty relaxing, watching some basketball, chilling on the couch, even got a 30 minute nap in. Last night was d-group, then home. Over the past month or so, I’ve been watching “The Unit” on Sunday nights.

This week:
We have an appointment with the radiation place on Wednesday to schedule those treatments. Thursday, we’re celebrating the last chemo as a family. I have a few “house calls” this week, and some meetings as well. I’m planning on getting some reading done, too.

Some things I’ve been thinking about:
Still reading from Romans in the morning and 1 Kings at night.

As far as some youth ministry stuff, over the past 3 years, our group has grown. While I thought that the growth would lead to more involvement on trips, camps, etc, actually, the opposite is happening. So, I’m wondering about the “why’s” of trips. Even questioning the value of some things as a group. I’m no where near any sort of resolution though.

In the next few months, we’ll be graduating 4 seniors and here’s the cool thing. Each of these 4 have remained engaged and involved during their senior year. 2 are going to a christian college in the fall, while the other 2 take a “gap year” and then likely head off to a Christian college NEXT fall. It’s neat to see the tide of young people leaving the church after high school be stemmed…even if it is only this graduating class. I’m encouraged!

I’ll post later this week.


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