Thoughts on an early Monday afternoon

“We thought that we had the answers
It was the questions we had wrong”- U2, 11 O’Clock Tick Tock

Warning: I can’t remember all of the details from the following story:

I recall that someone once visited John Lennon at his estate and was asking him all sorts of questions about meaning and purpose. Lennon’s response was something like, “Why do you think I have answers? All I have are questions.”

My life has been full of questions. Some of them are the surface questions and simply require a black and white answer. Some questions run deeply beneath the waterline, and require nuance, thought, introspection, a checking of the motive behind the question. The last years of my life have been fraught with questions, the easy kind and the not so simple. and then, there are times that I wonder if I’m even asking the right question. Sometimes, I know that I’m asking a surface question, when the deeper one is necessary. I often do this because of the tension that the bigger question will cause, the turmoil that will spring from it; I ignore and put off the tension because I’m fearful of where the answer will lead. I think that’s why I like Jesus.

During His ministry, He had all sorts of questions asked of Him. And most of the time, He responded with a question. He was not doing this to be difficult, but because He always knew motive. He always knew what the person was really asking.

Most of the questions asked of Him were the surface type, the ones that seemed simple. “Why don’t your disciples fast?” “By who’s authority do you do these things?” “Why were the Pharisees offended when they heard this?”

Jesus however, asked the hard ones, and many times, when He asked them, the hearers had no response. “Why are you bothering this woman?” “Am I leading a rebellion?” “Why do you ask me about what is good?” “Who do you say I am?”

Now, THOSE are questions.

What questions are you asking, why are you asking them, and what answers are you fishing for?


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  1. This is rather relevant in my life right now. It is good to know that I am not the only one asking the surface questions sometimes, but it is good, also, to remember that I need to dig a little deeper sometimes. Thanks for the challenge! 🙂

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