Monday update, or, how I spent my weekend.

When we last saw our hero, he was scheduled for back surgery….

Went to Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids at 9am for surgery prep. Surgery was scheduled for 11am. I was wheeled into the OR right before 11, and was freezing. On went the oxygen mask, and I was told that I’d fell a little burn. At that point, I started to pray. I woke up in post-op at 12:16pm. I kept falling back asleep and forgetting to breathe, the nurse had to keep waking my up. My throat hurt, and I was totally out of it. I was taken to a hospital room about 12:30-ish, where I napped for an hour or so. I was able to eat around 3:30 or so, and they sent me home around 4:15pm. I spent the rest of my day alternating positions on my side in my bed trying to get comfortable. I slept ok that night, thanks to the hydrocodone.

Woke up late, and was lazy for most of the morning, again alternating positions, trying to get comfortable. I caught up on some tv shows on the web, and then took a walk around the block. Came back and took a nap. Friday night, I went to a birthday party for one of my students for a few hours. Went home, took some oxycodone (more powerful than the hydrocodone) and went to sleep.

Again, slept in. I spoke with a college friend who was accepted into the MDiv program at St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in New York City for the fall. Anne’s brother and family came down from NW Iowa for a visit, so we drove downtown CR so they could see some of the flooded stuff from last summer. Took another nap, and just spent some time hanging out, playing some HALO on LIVE with her brother. I was worn out from a day of being on my feet. I only took some tylenol throughout the day to get me through. Oxycodone, then bed.

Taught Sunday school where we planned our upcoming youth sunday (next week), went to corporate worship. I gave the communion meditation from 2 Peter 1:3-8. We are indeed supposed to be “doing” somethings because of our faith. Bill gave a great message on evangelism and our needs, responsibility and joy of sharing Jesus with the “lost”. I especially liked his point that we are to be the “seekers”… We had a meal with Anne’s family, and then I passed out on the couch, again tired. Last night was d-group; we talked about Ephesians 1, Romans 8, and predestination. Went home, watched “The Unit” more meds, and then fell asleep.

This week:
LIFE Group tonight-we’re beginning a study on the book of James.
Wednesday night study prep-we’re still in 2 Timothy 4:12, our seniors are going to be sharing about their faith, how it’s changed, how it’s grown.
Sunday School prep-The Purpose of Jesus
Sermon Prep: Loving God in a Lukewarm Church, based on Francis Chan’s message
Camp Trustee Meeting-Saturday in Bristow
Somewhere in all of this I’m going to be “taking it easy”

Physical Rehab:
I need to “take it easy” for 3-6 weeks. No running for at least 3 weeks, no workouts at the gym for at least 4. I’m going to walk each day, and hope to be walking on the treadmill by the end of this week.

I finished Sustainable Youth Ministry last week. I passed along the chapter on the need and purpose for engaged and committed adults in minsitry to severl of my sponsirs last week and asked them to read it.
I began Romans for my morning devotional reading last week, and am also in 1 Kings for my eveing reading. Paul’s arguing methodology is interesting, he seemingly jumps all over the place, but, if viewed as a whole is cohesive.

I am still intrigued by U2’s No Line On the Horizon.
Over the past 2 weeks during our “quiet time” during d-group, 2 of our students have put together the soundtrack for this time. In the past, we had 20 minutes of “silent prayer/devotion” or whatever, with music that I have picked out. Their choices have been really interesting. Some of it is “Christian” hardcore stuff, which has been a good change of pace. It speaks to the diversity of God’s universe, and it pulls me from my confort zone.

Thought for the week:
“God has allowed tough things in your life so you can show the world that your God is great and that knowing Him brings peace and joy, even when life is hard.”-Francis Chan, from his book Crazy Love.

Life is indeed hard. But I know the God that brings peace beyond all understanding.


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