Medical Update

My appointment at the neurosurgeon went well this morning. When given the choice between a steroid shot that might work (and if not, surgery-which prolongs the healing/recovery process), and surgery now, we opted for surgery. Basically, my L5 disc is herniated through the bone and pressing on the nerve that runs down my left left. This is causing the tingling sensation in my left foot, as well as the pain and pulled muscle feeling in my left thigh. My surgery is scheduled for 11am tomorrow morning at Mercy Medical Center here in Cedar Rapids.

The procedure as I understand it: they cut my back open, go in behind the hole, trim out the herniation, relieving pressure on the nerve, and then the hole in the bone heals during the recovery time. It is out patient, so I’m planning on being home tomorrow night, in time for “The Office”.

I’ll post an update a few times tomorrow.

In other news, I went to McDonalds on my way back to the office today, and all I can say is, “Yuck”. After I ate my fries, my mouth felt coated with fried starch, and attempts to wash it away with Dr Pepper failed miserably. My 1/4 pounder was somewhat redeeming. Overall, I remember why I hate McDonalds specifically, and soda in general.

In political news, I heard a news story about the $410 BILLION spending bill the President Obama just signed. He said something to the effect of, “The old way of doing business is over…no more earmarks moving forward.” So, after the $800 BILLION stimulus package that has completely failed, and after another $410 BILLION spent, NOW we’re ready to be responsible? Of course coming from the same guy that believed the Guantanamo Bay was such a travesty of justice that it will be closed (next year), what should we expect?

I know….


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  1. Sand…Religion…You must read the Dune Novels…Frank Herbert.

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